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We all know that video content is the most engaging and user friendly type of content there is! It's super important your brand is creating engaging video content regularly! We've been creating videos for our clients for years! So we know what it is like... The time, effort and resources that go into creating just a single video internally can be overwhelming for most business owners. But, Square Media can take that stress away ensuring you always have engaging video content at your finger tips when you need it!

 We plan 52, 30-second videos. These can be how to’s, short tips, industry advice, quick interviews, FAQ’s, the possibilities are endless, but it's up to us to figure out what will perform the best within your industry! We come to a place of your choice and film for 8 hours. We then edit all 52 videos for you and upload them onto your youtube channel to then be released accordingly…every week for an entire year!


Pre-Production, Planning & Logistics

We want to make sure your video production goes forward with out a hitch. We work with you develop a brief for your videos, including what you are trying to achieve from your video marketing strategy, and the best types of productions to suit your needs. Within minutes of discussing your project, given our wealth of knowledge in all facets of video production, we are sure you will be bursting with ideas on what we could produce - Don't worry if not, we've always got interesting and fresh ideas in the kit bag we can recommend. Planning your project in-depth at the early stages will ensure that we conduct our filming efficiently ensuring we have plenty of footage for your 52 videos!

A Day of Filming at a Location of Your Choice!

That's right. Lights, Camera, Action!!... Once we get the planning and logistics out of the way, we agree a date which works best for you and our production schedule. We then hit the road and head over to a location of your choosing (mileage is charged beyond 100 miles of our address). We meet you on-site and make sure we have a solid understanding of what you are trying to achieve and then the camera's start rolling. For the day, we are there to capture as much useful footage as we can - This will be invaluable when editing time comes around. Once filming is complete, we discuss what was achieved and whether you require any further days filming (not usually required, but can be done as an addition). We then head back on the road to our offices, brimming with ideas and eager to start editing. 

Stock Footage Library, As Required

Although the filming day should have given us plenty to work with, from time to time, depending on your needs it may be necessary to utilise at least some stock footage. We have a plethora of stock footage in our library, so where possible we will use what we have. If there is something specific you want, we can either organise to come and film it (at cost) or we can hunt around our network of partners and utilise Stock footage. If we already have suitable footage in our library there will be no charge, but if you want to use something specific we are able to offer preferential rates on 100,000's of stock video clips - So don't worry, we have you covered!

Edit, Edit, Edit... 

On average, for 5 minutes of footage we film, we typically spend 30 minutes to an hour editing together. Allot of work goes in editing stage, including story-boarding our video ideas, throwing ideas back and forward with yourself and then deciding on a solid plan for your 52 video edit. Remember, these videos are designed to be not more than 30 seconds long each, so it's worth keeping them punchy and succinct - Perfect for posting on Social Media! We edit the 52 30-second videos together and proof them with you to check you are happy... Then it's time to share. 

YouTube Channel Setup & SEO

Now you are itching to get your content out there, we need to make sure you have your own channel to broadcast on. We can of course provide the videos directly to you for posting, but often clients prefer us to setup a YouTube channel, design their cover artwork and optimise their channel and video listings for SEO. We post the videos on your behalf, ready to be released at regular intervals (usually once a week - Which is ideal as there are 52 of them!). You could of course choose to release them as often as you wish - We will leave that part up to you! The videos can be used anywhere; on your social media, on your website, as Ads or even on TV! 

Free Advice & On-Going Support

We pride ourselves on building long term relationships with our clients and we are certain that once you experience the power of Video Marketing, and the way we work, you'll be glad you chose Square Media for your project. That being said, we know that sometimes you just want to pick our brains for a bit of help or advice and we are totally happy to provide it! This of course has it's limits, but we will endeavour to respond to all enquiries and are more than happy to pop in for coffee and go over any ideas you have! Just pick up the phone or drop us an email and one of our Marketing Consultants would be happy to discuss your requirements. 

Not sure what you need from your Videos?
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