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Affiliate Marketing is fundamentally about the relationship between the advertiser and publisher as well as the customer.

Affiliate Marketing is the descriptive term for a type of online advertising that rewards an affiliate when they refer a visitor or rewards a customer when they perform a desired action, like buying something or subscribing to your newsletter. In some ways, Affiliate Marketing provides you with a form of free publicity with a network of relevant and related websites that direct customers to make a purchase on yours.

Affiliate campaigns work the best in terms of results when combined with other forms of online marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns along with email marketing playing a supportive role. Affiliate marketing is ideal for retail, travel and service industries that have the potential for large-volume sales.

For Affiliate Marketing to be effective one cannot toss a bunch of links to various website owners hoping someone “bites.” There must be a well thought out plan that focuses on developing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with third parties with related websites. To this end we conduct research to find relevant websites that we can trust so that we can build a strong affiliate network to market your brand, product(s) and service(s). We are seeking quality traffic that will likely convert.

In addition, successful Affiliate Marketing also involves certain business traits such as the ability to be flexible with commission values, especially during times when there is a slump in sales, because a higher commission will make affiliates work harder for you.

Our team of Affiliate Managers will first set out to learn as much as possible about your brand, your value proposition, products and services while scoping out the competition so that we can devise a strategy to outperform them. We have the strategic and technical know-how to connect you with a series of networks, publishers and verticals highly suited to your brand. We will work hard to get you optimal placement to generate multitudes of genuine conversions. 

It goes without saying that it is very important to develop a trusting relationship with all affiliates, which means it’s vital to pay commissions in full and on time. The key to maintaining a high level of success is having excellent communication with your affiliates, which serves to strengthen their trust in you and your brand. Your Affiliate Management team here are highly trained in this specific area and will implement innovative strategies on your behalf, leveraging their relationships with top affiliates to improve your leads and sales within a tried and true performance-based affiliate model.

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