Is it Time to Hit Refresh on Your Company Logo?

With a recent post on Imgur charting the logo evolution of some of the world’s best known brands, it’s obvious that embracing change when it comes to branding isn’t the ‘nail in the coffin’ that it’s often made out to be. If done correctly, changes in branding are good for both company and consumer, strengthening [...]

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The Navigation No Nos You Should Avoid in Web Design

There are always new trends emerging in the design world, and as trends change, many are left rather confused about the basics. Getting back to the bare bones of your website, your navigation should take pride of place, after all, snazzy design and the most up-to-date features aside, if visitors can’t find your content, what’s [...]

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Website design briefs: Be very careful what you ask for

‘Be careful what you ask for’ is always good advice. And when you’re briefing an agency on creating a new website or ecommerce store you need to be extra careful. The magnitudes – positive or negative – of that briefing will live with you for a while. The outcomes of suspect assumptions or the erroneous [...]

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Are These 7 Website Design Elements Helping or Hurting Your Conversion Rate?

Website design, like most things, flows with the influence of trends. A new shiny feature comes along and quickly everyone wants to apply it on their website. The setback is that at times, the shiny newness of a feature clouds our ability to judge whether or not that feature is really improving user experience on [...]

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7 Website Design Trends to Use When You Sell Services or Products Online

What is the purpose of a website? You will get an excessive number of answers depending on who you ask. Some websites are designed to help you feature on Google, others might be for credibility purposes, and some are for the sale of products and services directly from the website. Regardless of what your answer [...]

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What Business Owners Need to Know About Great Web Design

Most business owners in today’s ‘digital first world’ understand the value of having an online presence. The internet provides numerous powerful channels through which businesses can reach out to their target audiences and turn visitors into regular and loyal customers. Having an online presence starts with having a fantastic, user-focused, and professional website. Like all [...]

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