SEO Isn’t Dead, Just Modified

I know in recent posts I’ve made some not-so-positive comments about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and why it goes wrong for so many businesses… But to make something clear, SEO is great. It is not dead, in fact it is very much alive and kicking… It has however metamorphized into a much more mature and complex [...]

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If an SEO Agency tries to sell you links, run! Run Fast.

My names Matthew, the Director here at Square Media. I'm sick and tired of client's and 'expert' SEO agencies talking about buying links. It does not work, and does more harm than good. Even more annoying, is that you don't even need to buy links - It's a complete scam. Instead, if your company spends [...]

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Your Digital Election!

Display Networks, SEO or PPC who should get your vote? After the shock announcement that there is shortly to be a snap general election on the 8th of June, the time is almost upon us to signal our allegiance to a particular candidate by putting an “x” in a box as we pop off to [...]

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Are These 7 Website Design Elements Helping or Hurting Your Conversion Rate?

Website design, like most things, flows with the influence of trends. A new shiny feature comes along and quickly everyone wants to apply it on their website. The setback is that at times, the shiny newness of a feature clouds our ability to judge whether or not that feature is really improving user experience on [...]

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3 SEO Trends That Really Matter in 2017

From understanding the basics of local SEO optimisation to observing Google’s on-going algorithm changes and updates, staying on top of SEO trends is enough to give any brand whiplash. Believe me. I’ve seen it. And it’s not cool. Unquestionably, your company has probably covered the basics, you’ve claimed your Google listing for local search optimization, [...]

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How to Set Realistic Goals with Your SEO

If you’ve read one of our other articles, you should now know a bit about why great SEO takes time, so in this article let’s discuss how to set realistic expectations. While it’s understandable that you want to achieve quick results - especially when you’re paying a good chunk of your money for them – [...]

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What Every Business Owner Must Know About SEO

Did you know that having your company’s web pages on the first page of Google search results comes at a huge cost? Relax. Let me explain. Either you’re paying as much as £65+ per click for AdWords ads (Pay per click) or you’re paying someone to craft quality contents and optimize your website with SEO [...]

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Why You Need to Learn About SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a term you see everywhere on the internet. It encompasses a lot and can be a bit tricky if you’re just starting online marketing. Irrespective of how much knowledge you have on the subject, you should understand that you need to learn as much as you can about it if [...]

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Why Great SEO Rankings Don’t Happen Overnight

Among the biggest misconceptions held by people about search engine optimization (SEO) is assuming that it will bring an instant transformation to their website. While it’s true that SEO can have a dramatic and long-lasting effect on your site, it’s also true that achieving good SEO takes time and that individuals who want to enjoy [...]

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If you own a business and have your mind boggling over questions like which online marketing strategy suits your business best, if you should engage with more than one strategy, in what proportion should you use the strategies, which strategy is easier to manage, and which one would give you a better success rate in [...]

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