Top Tips for Effective Website Copywriting

Whether you are a traditional, bricks and mortar business or a brand...

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Matthew 7th November 2017 0 Comments

Listicles – A Content Marketing Must?

All aspects of content marketing & SEO rely on one premise – that the content...

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Matthew 8th September 2017 0 Comments

Improving Your Product Pages for Better Business

With business booming throughout the UK online retail industry, we understand...

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Matthew 4th September 2017 0 Comments

Forget Lead Generation, It’s All About ‘Lead Nurturing’

There are literally countless articles littering the web showcasing the latest...

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Matthew 12th August 2017 0 Comments

SEO Isn’t Dead, Just Modified

I know in recent posts I’ve made some not-so-positive comments about Search...

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Matthew 3rd May 2017 0 Comments

If an SEO Agency tries to sell you links, run! Run Fast.

My names Matthew, the Director here at Square Media. I'm sick and tired of...

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Matthew 26th April 2017 0 Comments

Your Digital Election!

Display Networks, SEO or PPC who should get your vote? After the shock...

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Matthew 25th April 2017 0 Comments

Are These 7 Website Design Elements Helping or Hurting Your Conversion Rate?

Website design, like most things, flows with the influence of trends. A new shiny...

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Matthew 17th April 2017 0 Comments

3 SEO Trends That Really Matter in 2017

From understanding the basics of local SEO optimisation to observing Google’s...

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Matthew 12th March 2017 0 Comments

How to Set Realistic Goals with Your SEO

If you’ve read one of our other articles, you should now know a bit about why...

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Matthew 8th March 2017 0 Comments