The Social Network Rundown 2018 – What’s the Smartest Route for Your Business? (Part 3)

Social media marketing is the go-to tactic for so many, particularly those with tight budgets. Whatever your budget however, flexing your creative muscles and putting your brand out there socially is a strategy relied upon by businesses big and small, and can garner excellent results when done correctly. As we’ve mentioned in part one and [...]

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Facebook Advertising – the New Features You Need to Know About

Despite recent news that Facebook traffic is down to just 50 million hours per day, we say ‘just’ as this represents a significant drop for the global leading network, Facebook advertising is still an excellent route for so many businesses. There are after all 2.13 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide, so what business wouldn’t [...]

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Top Tools to Make Social Media Manageable

Social media has unlocked a vast range of advantages for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As well as providing a portal to increased brand awareness, more inbound traffic and improved search engine rankings, use of social media marketing across a multitude of sectors has been linked to higher conversion rates, particularly where the posting [...]

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Instagram Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

A favourite with celebrities and social media high risers, Instagram has built an enviable reputation since its launch back in 2010. After securing second prize for the Best Mobile App in its first year of trading and with its CEO and founder being featured on lists like ‘The 100 Most Creative People in Business’ and [...]

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On the edge about your business’ social media presence?

On the edge about your business' social media presence? Take into consideration the following facts when making your decision. → Social media reaches a wide range of ages. While teenagers may be the typical anticipated target population, the older generations are quickly taking over! Social media is a cost effective way to reach as many [...]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Here at Square Media we try our very best to engage with our clients on social media but we often get asked "What's it all about?" or "Should I bother?".... Well... Social Media provides you with the ability to communicate and share ideas directly with your customers. But, [...]

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The Future of Social Media

I was recently asked to present my ideas for where I thought Social Media was going in the coming 12 months. These are my ideas, thoughts, views and opinions on the subject. What do you think? During my time as the MD of Square Media Solutions Ltd. one of my main ambitions has always been [...]

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