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3 SEO Trends That Really Matter in 2017

From understanding the basics of local SEO optimisation to observing Google’s on-going algorithm changes and updates, staying on top of SEO trends is…
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software word in metal type

Off-the-shelf vs. bespoke software development

Off-the-shelf vs. bespoke software development When a business is on the lookout for a software package or application, they usually have only two…
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Solve Business Challenges with FREE Bespoke Software Solutions. Yes, Really… FREE.

Solve business challenges with FREE bespoke software solutions. Yes, really… FREE. Whether it’s a custom warehouse or stock management system, field based mobile…
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How to Set Realistic Goals with Your SEO

If you’ve read one of our other articles, you should now know a bit about why great SEO takes time, so in this…
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Businessman drawing SEO concept

What Every Business Owner Must Know About SEO

Did you know that having your company’s web pages on the first page of Google search results comes at a huge cost? Relax.…
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Why You Need to Learn About SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a term you see everywhere on the internet. It encompasses a lot and can be a bit tricky…
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SEO – search engine optimization mindmap

Why Great SEO Rankings Don’t Happen Overnight

Among the biggest misconceptions held by people about search engine optimization (SEO) is assuming that it will bring an instant transformation to their…
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A Small Business Online Marketing Strategy That Works

The full and entire benefits of online marketing opportunities are taken up by very few businesses. Don’t be part of that group who…
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On the edge about your business’ social media presence?

On the edge about your business' social media presence? Take into consideration the following facts when making your decision. → Social media reaches…
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The future of social media

The Do’s and Don’ts

The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Here at Square Media we try our very best to engage with our clients on social…
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