, Digital Signage Content Creation

Digital Signage Content Creation

Whether it be Motion Graphics animation, or expertly designed digital menu boards, our Digital Signage content creation service is the perfect solution to accompany your assets.

Why ask Square Media to manage your content? 

We work with you to establish a Digital Signage Content Strategy that is designed around your individual needs & desires. Plus, we have the creative experience and industry knowledge to deliver results. 


Draw in and capture customer attention with attractive content!


Encourage and influence spending decisions where it matters!


Inspire customers with targeted advertisements that drive engagement. 

How does Digital Signage content management work?

Our Digital Signage Content Management and Creation service is completely flexible. Whether you require a one-off video for your screens, or regularly updated content via one of our flexible Content Management Plans, we are able to cater for your specific requirements. Possible applications for Digital Signage include signage for Retail, Healthcare, Education and Leisure.

, Digital Signage Content Creation

The problem?

Well, more often than not, we find our clients are too busy to keep on top of updating the content on their screens. Often, after a short period of initial excitement and interest, your assets can quickly be forgotten when other priorities take hold.


This often results in out-dated, sloppy digital content which is thrown together with little time for consideration… All meaning that your asset is not doing the job you purchased it for.


Sloppy content with little thought can seriously damage the reputation of your brand. Our Creativity is the key to ensuring your assets look professional and deliver returns.


Let the marketing and design experts at Square Media take over the management of your digital content, ensuring they are always up to date with fresh content, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

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