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Helping your brand look great and communicate effectively on Social Media!

Social Media Branding & Design is all about making sure your brand ‘talks’. A well designed and marketing lead approach will ensure that your customers have confidence in your brand and recognise you.

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool used to promote your brand and what you are able to offer new and existing customers. Your companies branding is often the first thing customers see on their ‘feeds’ or when visiting your profile. This is prime marketing ‘real estate’ which should be capitalised to ensure you are effectively communicating with your audience.

Our Social Media branding services are tailored around your specific requirements, so whether it be a new cover photo for Twitter, or that new ‘Ad’ you’d like to run on Facebook; we can design digital marketing materials specific to the designs purpose, location and audience. Effectively branding your social media accounts is an excellent way of drawing attention to your brand on (but not limited to) Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

, Social Media Branding

Reinforce your brand identity!

Capitalise on the opportunity to have a presence in front of your customers every day - Cover Photos, Profile Pictures, Timeline, Ads, Tabs.. And more!

Shout about your brand!

Your customers are ready to listen! Social Media is the biggest platform to share your identity, ethos and news!

Develop Search 'Social Signals'

Social Media helps your website too! With 'Social Signals' becoming an ever increasing part of Google's algorithm, there are more benefits to be had!

Reach your audience - Old and new!

With ever increasing Ad targeting available on all Social Media platforms, Social Media enables engagement with old and new customers! 


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What we can do for you?

Here at Square Media Solutions, we understand that every business is individual and has different needs, expectations and goals. We will work with you to ensure that a suitable design is created to advertise your brand as effectively as possible. We can also provide recommendations on-going Social Media Management or Social Marketing Consultancy.

Our most commonly requested Social Media service is our 'Social Media Branding Pack' - Our branding pack consists of full designs for your Social Media Profiles; your title, profile picture, cover photo and other advertisements. We are extremely flexible and sensitive to budgets, so don't worry; we will work on a suitable design that reaches out to your target audience and advertises your goals, within your budget! We want to give your brand authenticity and a memorable identity.

By placing your branding on social media websites, you are allowing yourself the opportunity to listen to new and existing customers, create new links and build relationships. It is a fantastic way to engage with new and existing customers. We can help you create the perfect social media advertisements and pages to develop your brand. We always look towards working in the best interests of our clients and ensure maximum satisfaction.

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