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In this very competitive climate, it’s never been more important that your business stands out and communicates in almost an instant 'what you are all about’. We recommend our client’s strongly consider the importance of their branding design and corporate identity during both the early stages of business development and also throughout the growth of the business. In short, the job is never ‘done’, and we can help to communicate what you are all about.


A professional logo design is, of course, a very powerful tool. Skilfully executed design, fonts and colours create a unique and recognisable identity, which creates and reinforces the perception of a quality product or service. Brands do develop over time, and working with an expert marketing consultant will give you the reassurance that you are taking your brand in the ‘right’ direction.

Square Media’s team have designed logos and brands for all types of businesses and industries, aiding in the communication of a companies’ personality and their desired position in the marketplace.

We don’t just ‘design a logo’, we develop identities that are ‘right’ for our client, and their audience. As part of this process we work with you to apply your ‘identity’ across a range of marketing materials including stationery, signage, brochures and websites.

We work with you to differentiate yourself, communicate your values and build a consistent identity that is instantly recognised and trusted.

Branding, Branding Design

What our clients say

More than just Logo Design.... 

Brand Guidelines

Full brand guidelines ensure consistency of your corporate identity.

Corporate Identity

A logo is just part of your Corporate Identity. Understand your Identity. 

Market Research

Full, in-depth Market Analysis allows for precision communication. 

Customer Profiling

Understanding your audience will drive your communication. 

Competitor Analysis

Understanding your competitors is as important as your customers. 

Design & Consultancy

Work with a company that can craft your identity with you.  

Your Brand should 'talk' 

Your brand and identity is the single defining component of your business and how your peers and customers will perceive you. Your brand should speak to your audience. 


Your brand should attract the target audience to learn more about your brand. 


Your brand should invite and encourage dialogue with your audience. 


Your brand should 'connect' with your audience, on more than just aesthetic's. 

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