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We Have Moved Offices!

We are excited to finally announce that we have moved offices! We have well and truly outgrown our old offices and we were definitely in need of something much bigger and something we...

What Is Local SEO & Why You Should Be Optimising For It

With Google and other Search Engines giving more leverage to local searches, any business wanting to show up in their local area for searches should really be investing in optimising...

Cyber Essentials: Our security promise to you

Cyber Essentials is a joint venture between the government and related industries working together to create a scheme for a business/organisation to increase their cyber security and reduce any...

Today Square Media Turned 6 Years Old

That’s 6 fun-filled years of developing brands, 6 years of helping start-up businesses make their mark in their respective industry, and 6 years of giving well-established brands a fresh...

Why SEO Is Important For Small Businesses

SEO is important for businesses of all sizes, but it is becoming increasingly more important for smaller businesses as marketing your business is even more competitive than before.

Cross-Browser Testing and Its Importance

Cross-browser testing is a method of non-functional testing making sure your website or application is functional across multiple browsers. This is necessary because each web browser follows a set...

How to Optimise for Voice Search in 2019

Voice Search is becoming an increasingly popular way to search on the web, so here are some tips on how to optimise your site for Voice Search in 2019.

Our Principles of Effective Web Design

A good website design should work to portray the business objectives/message but also engage the audience. There are many factors that come in to play when designing a website, a set of heuristics...

UI vs UX – The Difference

People often confuse User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) and usually use the terms interchangeably. Ultimately, both are equally important and work hand in hand with each other, but it...

Our Top Ten Tips For Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads can be quite a confusing platform to use if you haven’t used it before. Here are our top ten tips for managing your Google Ads Campaigns.

The Benefits of Using WordPress

We love WordPress here at Square Media, so here are the top benefits of using wordpress as your Content Management System.

We’ve Had a Rebrand!

If you keep up to date with us or follow us on social media, you have probably noticed that things are looking a little bit different… And that’s because we’ve had a rebrand! We have come a long...

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