How We Work

start working with your outsourced marketing team

1 initial consultation

We can’t wait to hear all about your business and ideas. We love getting our creative juices flowing and this always starts with a friendly meeting, whether that be over the phone or face to face.

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2 you provide the brief

We’re waiting to find out everything about your business. We want to hear all about your journey, your goals, your product / service & your audience.

3 we provide the plan

This is where things get a little exciting.

Taking the information we’ve learned from you, we develop a plan that we believe will help achieve your business objectives. The plan is there to make sure we all know what’s what and will be underpinned by our professional experience and knowledge.

All that’s left to decide? How our relationship will work…

4 we agree a plan…

How we agree and deliver a plan differs from client to client, as it is often dictated by the clients needs, timescales and of course budget. For this reason, we offer 3 flexible ways of working; but don’t worry, we’ll recommend the best way for your business.

Option 1)

a rolling monthly retainer

It’s simple. From the day we start working together, we act as your outsourced marketing team working against an agreed medium to long-term marketing plan. This can either be standalone, or alongside your existing internal resource. We work closely with you to design, develop and maintain a fully fledged marketing strategy, whilst remaining in constant contact at all times.

A monthly relationship allows us;

  • To be Pro-Active instead of Re-Active meaning we can identify missed opportunities.
  • To dedicate the time to really understanding your business.
  • To be on-hand when you need us, as often as you need us.

Option 2)

pay as you go marketing

Although a smaller portion of our client base, some clients prefer to use us only as they need us; which is completely fine by the way! We understand you may just need some support.

Commonly referred to as ‘bundled hours,’ pay as you go is a top-up style arrangement keeping you in complete control; it’s also a good way of getting some specific targeted campaigns out the door! You only pay when you need us, which is ideal if you are hiring us in support of an internal marketing team.

  • Only pay when you need us with block top-ups available which attract discounts.
  • Add additional resource without the on-going overhead.
  • Ideal for seasonal marketing strategies, specific campaigns and new businesses that need a little help to get off the ground.

Option 3) Projects

We know; sometimes you just want help with a specific project, such as a website rebuild, software development, or graphic design. Sometimes you need 100% cost certainty, and for that reason we do offer fixed price projects.

Fixed price projects are pretty self-explanatory – We agree the scope & specification for the work, we provide a proposal, and you sign this off. We’ll often have fixed milestones agreed and you’ll know exactly where you stand throughout the entire process.

We don’t ‘do’ packages.

You deserve our attention and creativity…

…for that reason every single quotation or proposal is bespoke. We do not offer ‘pre-packaged’ solutions which allows us to be flexible, and only provide you with the services your business needs to succeed at a cost that is acceptable to you. Our commitment to you is that you will always know what you are paying for and why.

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