How to Write a Credible Business Message

Matthew 24th October 2022 0 Comments

Writing a great business message requires being honest and defining your purpose in a way that is true to your business and showcases your values and offering. Read on to find out how to write a credible business message your customers and employees can buy into.


What is a Credible Business Message? 

A business message tells your customers about your company, your focus, and your positioning within your sector. This is a perfect time for you to be honest instead of trying to convince your customers and employees that your business is something different than what it is. This isn’t a just marketing tool; it works to communicate with the people you need to. Your business message should explain who you are, what you do, and the values you hold. Once you’ve established the wording of your business message, you can then work on integrating it into various communications both internally and externally.


Inject honesty into your business message

When writing your business message, you need to make sure it is honest throughout. If you aren’t honest, this will affect your business’s reputation and ultimately put customers off from purchasing products or services from your company. For example, a small business may want to make themselves seem like a larger operation in order to be more appealing, but by doing so they could be sending mixed messages to customers and internal stakeholders, while underselling the true benefits of their small business, such as personal customer service.

Your message also needs to be straight to the point with straightforward language; an average person should be able to understand your business message which means there should be no obscure jargon.


Define Your Purpose  

Writing your business message is all about defining your purpose, whether communicating with customers or motivating employees. It may be that you have a specific goal in mind that your business is aiming for. If so, you can use this, but only use one goal to avoid overcomplicating your message.

One thing you need to define in your business message is the principles that your business will carry out through all the operations. Are you committed to helping your staff progress and gain skills? Are you committed to making sure the products you’re selling will have the best effect on your customers? Perhaps you have a focus on sustainability. Ensure you include this in your business message, as it will help people understand your purpose.


Implement Your Message  

After you’ve written your business message, you need to sit back and ask yourself if you can or have already implemented it into various communications. This could be your website, internal training documents, email marketing, business reports, or any other communication for internal or external distribution. Once it’s integrated into your messaging, it needs to be followed up by actions – implementing your message isn’t just about saying it, but about living up to the standards it sets out. If you are struggling to implement it, you need to ensure you are sincere in the message. Think about how you could implement it in the future across every sector of your business. How does it align with your beliefs? How does it apply to your customer service? How does it apply to your workplace culture?

Ask your employees to read your business message and ask for their feedback from it. Do your employees think they can work with the team to implement it in the future if it isn’t already being implemented?


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