Our Top Ten Tips For Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads can be quite a confusing platform to use if you haven’t used it before. Here are our top ten tips for managing your Google Ads Campaigns.

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Top Google Ads Tips for a Small Budget

Google’s online advertising program, Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to place an ad in front of customers searching for products/services you offer. Although Google AdWords may seem a daunting prospect to many business owners; a well-planned and highly targeted Google AdWords campaign can, in fact, help generate website traffic and [...]

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Which PPC Platform is Right for Your Business?

Using pay per click (PPC) isn’t cheating, it’s now one of the top marketing tactics used by big and small brands alike, and for good reason. PPC is essentially a win-win for everyone – searchers find the products and services they’re looking for, advertisers put their wares in front of an audience, and search engines [...]

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Clever Methods of Optimizing Your Google Ads Campaign

Much like developing an optimised landing page, there is a method to producing Google Ads campaigns with high conversions at low costs-per-click. It's vital to be mindful of effective practices so you can start off on the right foot and target an intended market without wasting money. You’ll see the dashboard upon signing into your [...]

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New Automated ‘Ad Suggestion’ Beta Feature for AdWords Advertisers – Coming Very Soon!

With the new keyword bidding suggestions introduced by Google AdWords a mere three months ago, we were as shocked as anyone to receive word about the new beta feature set to hit the AdWords scene towards the end of September. The boffins at Google have been very busy indeed, but could the feature, which create [...]

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Your Digital Election!

Display Networks, SEO or PPC who should get your vote? After the shock announcement that there is shortly to be a snap general election on the 8th of June, the time is almost upon us to signal our allegiance to a particular candidate by putting an “x” in a box as we pop off to [...]

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If you own a business and have your mind boggling over questions like which online marketing strategy suits your business best, if you should engage with more than one strategy, in what proportion should you use the strategies, which strategy is easier to manage, and which one would give you a better success rate in [...]

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