Top Google Ads Tips for a Small Budget

Matthew 1st November 2018 0 Comments

Google’s online advertising program, Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool that allows you to place an ad in front of customers searching for products/services you offer. Although Google AdWords may seem a daunting prospect to many business owners; a well-planned and highly targeted Google AdWords campaign can, in fact, help generate website traffic and leads for your business, even with a tight budget.

To make the most of your marketing budget there are a few simple AdWords tips you can follow to keep your costs low on AdWords whilst generating successful amounts of traffic to your site.

Target long-tail keywords

If you’re in a highly competitive market, the keywords that you’re probably thinking of including in your Google AdWords campaign will more than likely already be in use by hundreds of other companies and bid for these generic keywords will be very high. So, if you haven’t got much money to spend, then targeting these competitive keywords won’t get you very far.

Opt for longer tail keywords such as “Email Marketing Specialists Corby” as opposed to “Email Marketing”, you might just find a decrease in your cost-per-click, and more importantly, the chance of conversions will likely increase due to less competition.

By using the free Google AdWords Keyword Planner, you can easily research keywords that are low competition and that won’t cost you a fortune.

Utilise ad scheduling

Google Ads allows you to schedule when your ads appear, so you can select to advertise on specific days and/or certain hours of the day. Much like relevant keyword bidding, it’s prudent to only have ads run when it best suits you. For instance, if your company operates during regular business hours (9 am to 5 pm), it may not be in your best interest to have ads running at 3 am.

To establish the times and dates you want to run your campaign between, select “All Features” after clicking “Search Network Only”. After your campaign has been developed, you can manually establish your campaign schedule by clicking “Ad Schedule” on the “Settings” tab.


If you want your ad to reach a specific audience, then you need to choose the best geographic location where your ad campaign will be displayed. Google allows you to only display your ad to specific locations, or to people searching within a specific distance of your business, ensuring that you only show ads to users near your business, focusing in your advertising efforts.

Stick to text search ads

AdWords campaigns offer a variety of campaign types, but most advertisers opt for search network or display network. While advertising on the display network is great for driving traffic and increasing exposure, you’ll likely have far better conversions when you target search.

Google Text Search ads are, by far, the highest converting ads you can run for your business. These ads target people who are actively seeking your products & services. So, if you’re just starting out, keep it simple and start with search only, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Once you get a feel for how your ads are performing, you can test the display network later to increase exposure and brand awareness.

If you’re looking to start pushing your business more online, whether it be through Google AdWords or another one of the many services that we offer – simply get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

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