Cyber Essentials: Our security promise to you

Cyber Essentials is a joint venture between the government and related industries working together to create a scheme for a business/organisation to increase their cyber security and reduce any threats that could occur.

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Cross-Browser Testing and Its Importance

Cross-browser testing is a method of non-functional testing making sure your website or application is functional across multiple browsers. This is necessary because each web browser follows a set of standards (Open Web Standards) but all interpret them separately, rendering HTML, CSS and JavaScript differently.

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The Benefits of Using WordPress

We love WordPress here at Square Media, so here are the top benefits of using wordpress as your Content Management System.

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We’ve Had a Rebrand!

If you keep up to date with us or follow us on social media, you have probably noticed that things are looking a little bit different… And that’s because we’ve had a rebrand! We have come a long way since Square Media was founded in 2013. We've undergone a significant transformation; introducing many new services, [...]

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10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Online Businesses

There are so many Wordpress plugins out there, it can get a bit confusing. Here are our top 10 Wordpress plugins for online businesses.

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Post Launch Website Tips – How to Maintain Your Site for Better Business

There’s so much talk about creating the perfect platform to wow audiences, entice customers and outdo competitors, but once your website is up and running the fun shouldn’t stop there. A website has to be kept up to date to ensure it’s performing as well as it should do. For many businesses, their website sits [...]

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Planning Your Ecommerce Website – Top Tips for Success

The UK market offers some excellent potential for ecommerce businesses looking to serve a multitude of marketplaces. According to We Are Social, 92% of the UK’s population are internet users, and with that online retail trade is on the rise. The growth of online sales doesn’t seem to be slowed by our impending departure from [...]

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WordPress Gets the Google Treatment – Dedicated Team to Overhaul our Favourite CMS

It’s no secret, we love a bit of WordPress. In fact, we develop a lot of WordPress websites, giving our clients the easy to manage platforms they need to better represent their business online. Needless to say, the latest news regarding Google paying special attention to WordPress was music to our ears. The development of [...]

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The Best Apps for Small Businesses

Being a small or start-up business can often leave you on the back foot, particularly if you’re looking to compete with bigger brands for a slice of your chosen market. With a diverse range of digital tech at our fingertips however, the gap between small and large businesses is being bridged. Everyone has to start [...]

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The Golden Rules of Ecommerce Web Design

With 92% of the UK population internet users, online sales have dominated and continue to dominate the retail market. According to research conducted by Capgemini and IMRG, the value of online sales hit £133 billion last year, which is a 16% increase on online retail sales in 2015. Team this with increasing mobile sales, and [...]

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