How can you get the most out of your marketing agency?

How can you get the most out of your marketing agency?   Would you...

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Matthew 24th June 2021 0 Comments

Marketing In Sports: COVID 19 Style

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses across the globe. Sadly, industries...

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Matthew 31st July 2020 0 Comments

Covid-19 – The marketing world a month later

It has been over a month since the world went into isolation… So here at...

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Matthew 6th May 2020 0 Comments

Facebook’s New Layout

Facebook has recently rolled out their newest update to the desktop version of...

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Matthew 23rd April 2020 0 Comments

What Is Google BERT?

So, What Is It? Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers,...

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Matthew 25th October 2019 0 Comments

Google’s 21st Birthday!

It’s Google’s 21st Birthday today! The Search giant that we...

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Matthew 27th September 2019 0 Comments
Jigsaw teamwork concept macro shot

Square Media are now a member of the Northamptonshire Chamber!

We’re proud to announce we’re now members of the...

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Matthew 23rd August 2019 0 Comments

Google Analytics: Still Massively Underused

One of Google’s most prestigious tools is their Analytics platform. A tool that...

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Matthew 25th April 2018 0 Comments

Facebook Strikes Again! Network Skirts Around GDPR Leaving 1.5bn Unprotected

It appears that the guys at Facebook didn’t see our recent post that GDPR is...

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Matthew 23rd April 2018 0 Comments

Google’s Mobile-first Indexing begins to roll out

Last Week, Google announced that it’s ‘mobile-first’ indexing of the web is now...

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Matthew 2nd April 2018 0 Comments