Full Fat Marketing Team, Full Fat Marketing Team


Full Fat Marketing Team, Full Fat Marketing Team

Why use us instead of an in-house marketer?…

Our aim is to save you the massive fees involved in needing to have an in-house member of staff dedicated to your marketing, and at the same time increase your return on that very same investment.

​With us, instead of just one marketer, you get a full creative team, experienced marketing managers, social media consultants, a full design team, videographers and programmers; all for the same fixed monthly price.

A low-mid level marketing manager would cost you more than £3,000 per month and you would still have to outsource aspects such as design, SEO, programming and video production.

With us you get an entire team, including programmers, videographers, SEO / PPC experts, and designers for just a fraction of the price.

​A full marketing team like the one will we are able to dedicate to you would normally cost over £250,000 per year (at minimum) to sustain yourself.

What can we offer your business?…

  • Consulting / brainstorming, help & advice
  • Access to a full marketing team
  • Brand strategy, identity & guidelines
  • Branding, re-brand, logo design bespoke design assets for multiple platforms
  • Graphic Design, Leaflets, Brochures and other collateral*
  • Social media identity planning, design & management, including targeted advertising
  • Blog research, content, copy writing
  • Search engine optimisation fixes and maintenance
  • Website design, build and management
  • Video production, animation and marketing
  • Adwords / Pay Per Click campaign management*

How we compare to other agencies…

Other agencies bill at a flat rate per hour (which we can do, if it is your preference) between £60 - £180 per hour and so your bill is uncapped, meaning the smallest of projects can cost a fortune. Under our 'Full-Fat' marketing team service, we typically charge a fixed monthly fee with no nasty extras so your bill is never a shock.

Full Fat Marketing Team, Full Fat Marketing Team
Full Fat Marketing Team, Full Fat Marketing Team

Why work with Square Media?…

Our Full-Fat Marketing Service encompasses a unique range of multi-channel marketing solutions created by Square Media to allow every business no matter their size or their ability to invest, all of the benefits of working with a top global agency without the extortionate fees.

We work with every business to create a completely bespoke marketing strategy and roll out on a budget and pace to suit everyone.

We offer a big brand service across web design, offline, online, print, email marketing, social media making a massive impact, wide spread engagement at a reasonable cost.

We aren't pushy sales people and we aren't going to put you at the bottom of our list if you have a small budget.

We want to help start, grow and retain your business in the best ways possible to ensure you the biggest profit, highest engagement with the best possible service.

Should you contact us?…

Why should you contact us? All of our marketing professionals have over 10 years' experience in either working with large brands or for top agencies but we all share the same view;

We believe that in the marketing world today smaller businesses get forgotten about and struggle to grow because they haven't got access to a good marketing agency or consultant due to the ever-rising prices.

We have invested our time and creativity in to putting together a package of high end, quality solutions at a price that is affordable for everyone.

So whether you're a one-man band with a great idea and need to get it off the ground or a large independent organisation that needs help with overflow, strategy or support we can help you and provide a completely bespoke marketing service to your budget and time scale.

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