Helping you make sense of the often confusing online world, our skilled consultant programmers can advise on all aspects of the digital experience.

We understand that every client’s business is different, that’s what makes our consultancy services even more essential. From web and cloud to mobile, digital and desktop software development, our consultant programmers have the knowledge and skills you need to fine-tune your online offering to perfection.

Our skilled and experienced Consultant Programmers can offer an external programming resource to your business without the headache of typical ‘web agencies’.

When you Hire a Northamptonshire based Programmer from Square Media you communicate directly with your programmer as if they were your own employee. All Programmers physically reside in the UK, and are based around the Midlands area - They work directly for us and are part of our trusted team. We offer discounts for block days and hours, ensuring that not only is hiring a programmer an ideal ‘overflow’ resource, but is also a cost effective alternative.

HTML, HTML5, PHP, Perl, Javascript, Java, CSS, Python, C++, C# and many more…

We have a team of programmers with a wide variety of skills and experience at our disposal. Give Square Media a call to discuss your project and how hiring one of our programmers could be the best commercial decision for your business.


Our Consultant Programmers are highly experienced programming professionals able to provide expert consultancy to your business.

How our company helps

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The Square Media difference

Getting the impartial advice you need to succeed online isn’t always easy, but here at Square Media, we work to help you discover the best development and software solutions for you, and you alone. Our Northamptonshire based consultant programmers have already helped to deliver countless software products, apps, websites and solutions, each of which is as bespoke as the last.

Making your brand stand out online after all isn’t as simple as it used to be. Our professionals however bridge the gap between business and technology to ensure tailor made software and web experiences for you and your customers.

Reimagining your future

The future of your business’ online presence is in our hands. We have been the development partner of choice for so many brands to date, and for good reason. Our long list of services ensures our Northamptonshire programmers can assist you at every stage of business growth. Our scalable, smart and robust web, software and system products are in-tune with your company and its objectives.

How does it work?

We are able to act as an over-flow resource for your project, a technical intermediary between yourselves and an existing agency and we can also provide reports to your company to assist with the development of your project.


Our Consultant Programmers can evaluate your project, and deliver impartial recommendations to your business for improvements.


If you’d like to arrange a FREE initial consultation with one of our Consultant Programmers to discuss your individual needs, please get in touch with Square Media today.

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