20 Social Media Content Ideas You Can Save For Later

Matthew 14th September 2020 0 Comments

Social media is a phenomenon that has transformed the digital marketing world. Get it right, and you can significantly boost organic visibility, drive heaps of traffic to your website, and increase leads twofold for little to no cost. 

However, coming up with new content ideas every day for multiple platforms can become quite a task. If you fail to post engaging content regularly, your followers will get bored and will likely result in low engagement levels and a drop in followers.

Never fail to post engaging content again with these 20 social media content ideas that you can save for later.


Introduce your team members

Everyone loves a ‘meet the team’ post. They’re a great way for people to ‘put a face to the name’. 

Although it’s easy to get put off by the idea… don’t. ‘Meet the team’ posts don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. A simple one-line overview of an employee’s role and an interesting fact about them, paired with their picture will suffice.


Piggyback off awareness and appreciation days or specific dates in the calendar

These kinds of posts can be quite generic, and they don’t necessarily have to have a direct link to the industry you’re in. What’s important here is that you are putting out extremely relevant content, which people are much more likely to engage with.

Here’s a simple yet effective example…

On 22nd September, we will welcome the beginning of Autumn, so use this as an opportunity to share a picture of fallen yellow leaves outside your office or the sunrise on your walk to work.


Take your audience behind the scenes

Provide a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes by sharing a photo or video of your business in action.

Having your regular Monday morning meeting? Take a picture and wish your followers a good week. In the midst of designing a new product? Give your audience a sneak peek of what’s to come.

‘Behind the scenes’ posts are the easiest to create because they don’t even need thinking about – you just need to remember to take a snap when going about your day.


Share inspirational or motivational quotes

Inspiring quotes tend to get a lot of likes and shares on social media because they resonate with people.

There’s an opportunity to share a quote every single day of the week. Here are some of the top-rated ‘day-of-the-week’ hashtags you can use as an opportunity to share a quote. 

#MondayMotivaton, #TuesdayThoughts, #WednesdayWisdom, #ThursdayThoughts, #FridayFeeling #SaturdayVibes #SundayMood


Promote blog posts you have written 

You’ve not spent hours putting your heart and soul into your blog posts for no one to read them. Share them with your followers on your social media channels. Not only will this provide valuable content for your audience, but it will increase inbound traffic on your website too. 



Share case studies

Do you have a project that you’re incredibly proud of? Can you think of a client that you have gone above and beyond for? Turn these kinds of stories into case studies that you can publish on your website and share on social media.


Repost user-generated content

People trust the content that has been created by fellow consumers more than any other kind of content. This is because user-generated content is out of the control of the brand; therefore, it should be genuine and trustworthy. 

Been tagged in an image that a customer has uploaded of your product? Repost it on your feed. This kind of content creates trust and builds your credibility as a brand.


Comment on or share industry news

Seen an article relating to your industry that you think your audience would benefit from? Share it with them.

Links to webinars, expo sign-ups and ‘how-to’ videos are all great types of valuable content that your audience will gratefully receive.


Create an infographic

Infographics combine text and data with visual elements such as images, charts, and icons to provide an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. They’re great because they allow you to pack lots of information into a small space.

Show off your expertise by creating an infographic on a subject you love and share it with your followers. 

Tools like Canva make creating an infographic easy and stress-free as they do all the leg work and provide ready to use templates. It’s also worth checking out Visme as it also offers great help in creating an infographic from scratch.


Show off customer feedback and reviews

Shout about the good things. If a customer has given you some great feedback, tell the world about it.

A simple screenshot or a link to the review is all that’s needed.


Promote your products and services

There is nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion from time to time. Preach about the benefits of your brand and give your audience a reason to choose you over your competition.

Although promotional posts are great, don’t go overboard. Create a balance of promotional, educational, and fun posts, so you are not seen always to be ‘selling’. If every other post is a sales post, people will not engage, and you will lose followers.


Give something back by sharing an offer or a discount

People love a bargain, so why not offer your followers a deal on one of you best-loved items? Maybe pick a day every month that you dedicate to providing a discount or sharing an offer. 

Last Friday of the month? Offer 10% off your best selling product. First Wednesday of every month? Share a ‘refer a friend’ discount.


Keep your audience up to date with company news 

Welcoming a new team member, winning an award, or moving to a new office building are all really positive things you can turn into great content pieces and share with your followers.


Run a contest and giveaway

Ask your followers to like or share your post, and in return, offer them the opportunity to enter a prize draw and be in with the chance of winning something (preferably your own products or services).

You’ll be surprised how quickly posts like these take off, and just how many people they manage to reach in such a short space of time.


Add some humour to your feed with GIFs and memes

GIF’s and memes are an easy way to increase engagement. They’re also a great way to give your brand a bit of personality. 

Source popular GIF’s from the likes of Giphy and Tenor, or if you’re feeling really creative, you can produce your own on Make a GIF.

Something to keep in mind…

LinkedIn continues to remain a professional network, so be mindful of the type and level of humour you use on this platform.


Demonstrate your expertise with facts, figures, and statistics 

Share an interesting fact about your industry, or the results of a survey you have completed to demonstrate your knowledge.


Ask your audience questions 

Asking your audience a question can serve as a gateway to a conversation which has the potential to develop into a lead. 

You can ask your audience anything… What products they prefer, how their weekend has been – anything to increase engagement levels and get the conversation flowing.

You can also flip this idea on its head and ask your audience to ask YOU a question.


Bring old content back to life

Dig out an old blog post, remove anything that is no longer relevant and update the images and headline. Et voila – you have something new to share with your audience.


Upcoming event information

Attending an industry event? Hosting a webinar? Or throwing a charity fundraising event? Shout about it on social media and get others on board.


And finally, there is nothing wrong with a throwback once in a while

Reminisce about an event you attended in the past, share a photo from a successful product launch or upload a video of a team outing. 

If you want to increase engagement levels, share your post on a Thursday and use the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday.



The world of social media moves at an alarming rate, which can make managing multiple social media accounts and coming up with fresh content daily tricky, especially if its in addition to your day job.

Save this post for those days when you need to come up with new and relevant social content ideas in an instant. 

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