40 Social Media And Blog Post Ideas For January 2021

Matthew 31st December 2020 0 Comments

Month wise, it’s the start of a New Year (obviously) – this lends itself well to a New Beginnings blog post – maybe something about how your clients could use your products and services to make a fresh start? If you sell business services, highlight the areas in which your service can help them to kick off the New Year with a bang! If you’re in retail then relate your blog post or social media comments to January being the first month of a New Year and an ideal time to try something new. Use hashtag #NewYear2021 to increase your exposure.

It’s also Veganuary – if you’re in food or hospitality, a great time to write about becoming or living as a vegan, even if it is just for the month of January. Vegan clothing companies, cosmetics and skincare lend themselves well to posts and blogs at this time too. Don’t forget to add #Veganuary to your Social Media posts to be included when it trends.

Could you relate your business to Balanced Life Month? We can think of many different businesses that could choose an angle on this; beauty salons, accountants, virtual admin assistants, time management software companies, marketing companies and more! If whatever you provide can help with living a balanced life, then promote it! Use the hashtag #balancedlife to be found on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t forget about Dry January – if you’re in the pub or hospitality trade then a perfect time to plug your mocktails or non-alcoholic drinks! #dryjanuary

Lastly for the month it’s Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month – maybe you work in this area or have knowledge of Down’s Syndrome? Writing or posting about this is a great way to build awareness and attract an audience to your cause. #DSAM2021

In addition to these there is also:

Jan 1 – Copyright Law Day – a perfect time for solicitors to promote articles about Copyright Law, copywriters to remind people that plagiarizing from Google is Not A Good Thing, and authors, artists and designers to talk about copyright fights that have happened before. #copyrightlawday

Jan 2 – Science Fiction Day – Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, science or not – is this something that you can write about? Maybe myths and ‘fake news’ that plague your industry? Or have you ‘boldly gone where no-one has ever gone before’? Think laterally and you’ll be surprised what you can come up with. #sciencefictionday

Jan 2 – Motivational Inspiration Day – Post an inspiring motivational quote on your Social Media Channels, recommend an inspiring book ar a speaker that you found motivational – it could even be you! #motivationalposts

Jan 3 – Festival of Sleep Day – Not just for bed companies to make the most of – how about a blog post about how your product or service helps people work from their bed? Or maybe a fun blog following one of your staff who has been tasked with working from their bed for the day?  #festivalofsleep2021

Jan 4 National Trivia Day – Post some trivia tidbits about your company, or a trivia quiz about your industry. #nationaltriviaday

Jan 8 – National Bubble Bath Day – Perfect for cosmetics and skincare companies, but also good if you’re a cleaning company or a bathroom supplier. But if you’re a more ‘dry’ type of company then think a little further afield. Do you have an audio book, podcast or mindfulness recording, for example? Perfect for listening to in a nice bubble bath! #bubblebathday

Jan 10 – Peculiar People Day – If you’re a fun, crazy kind of company then feature the peculiarities of your staff! Who is afraid of buttons? Who still can’t tie their shoelaces? Who has a habit that drives everyone else in the office mad? Keep your social media light and fun – potential clients will see you as human and not just a corporate machine. #peculiarpeople

Jan 10 – Cut Energy Costs Day – Not just for energy and utility companies out there; is your electronic gadget or gizmo particularly energy efficient? Do you have some great tips for cutting energy costs in a home office? Can you relate ‘energy’ to ‘people’ in some way? There’s always a new way to interpret a day! #cutenergycostsday

Jan 11th – Clean Off Your Desk Day – Why not encourage your followers to send you before and after photos of their messy desks? Maybe give a prize for the biggest transformation?  #cleandeskday

Jan 12 – Poetry at Work Day – Most offices have a budding poet or songwriter in their midst – a funny or sweet company poem will go down a treat with your followers. #poetryatworkday

Jan 13 – Skeptics Day – Use this day to educate your followers and readers on some of the myths and untruths spoken about your industry. Every industry has skeptics – use today to turn yours into supporters.#skepticsday

Jan 14 Dress Up Your Pet Day – Any company can take part in this day – just dress up your dog, cat, hamster, lixard (we wouldn’t recommend goldfish) as something related to your company and post to your social media channels – you never know, you could go viral! #dressupyourpetday

Jan 15 National Hat Day  Just do what it says and wear a hat! Extra points if you can make a hat related to your industry! #nationalhatday

Jan 16 – Nothing Day – Well, it’s unfortunate that this day falls on a Saturday in 2021, when a lot of businesses won’t be in the office anyway, but at least you get a day off posting! #nothingday

Jan 18 – Thesaurus Day – Show off your word power by posting as many synonyms of words related to your industry as you can. Encourage your followers to do the same – you might learn a new word or two! Can’t think of any? Type your words into thesaurus.com and see what they come up with 😉#thesaurusday

Jan 18 – Blue Monday – It’s the come down after Christmas and New Year, so cheer your followers up. Maybe run a Facebook competition, or a giveaway on Instagram? Or  a money off coupon on your website – put a smile on your customers’ faces! #bluemonday

Jan 19 – International Popcorn Day – It doesn’t matter if your business isn’t related to popcorn, films or cinema, encourage your followers to grab their popcorn and read your latest blog post or watch your latest YouTube video. Give away popcorn in branded tubs or invite your followers to make up the most outrageous popcorn flavours. #popcornday

Jan 20 – Cheese Lovers’ Day – Again, interpret this how you want – ask your followers for their favourite cheese (@joebangles11 does it every day on Twitter!), post some cheese related puns, or just spend the day posting your favourite cheesy pop songs. #cheeseloversday

Jan 21 – Hugging Day –  We doubt there will be much hugging in person today, so why not make posts about how people around the world do no contact hugging? Did you know that in Zambia a common way of greeting people is to cup and clap your hands? Post videos of non contact greetings and ‘hugs’ on YouTube and your other social media and get your followers to do the same. #huggingday

Jan 23 – Pie Day – Who doesn’t love a pie? Follow the same format as Cheese Lovers’ Day and get your followers involved. #pieday

Jan 23 – Measure Your Feet Day – Who has the longest feet in your office? Have a ‘foot-off’ throughout the day. Or find some fab feet facts and share them with your audience. Extra points if you work for a shoe, sock or athletics company! #footday

Jan 23 – Handwriting Day –  On National handwriting Day, instead of posting text and professional looking photographs, make all of your posts pictures of handwritten facts, tips, quotes or extracts about your company. #handwritingday

Jan 24 – Belly Laugh Day –  What better day to make your followers laugh? Maybe an industry related joke, funny memes, laugh out loud cartoons or videos – get on Google and find something; there’s something for everyone! #bellylaughday

Jan 25 – Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day – It’s timeless, fun and people of all ages love it. Send your followers to the virtual bubble wrap game (or create your own – drop us a line, it’s great for brand awareness!) and have a bubble wrap popping contest! #bubblewrapday

Jan 25 – Burns Night – From Auld Lang Syne to Wert Thou In The Cauld Blast, rewrite Robert Burns poems to fit your company or industry. Double points if you’re Scottish 😊 #burnsnight

Jan 25 – Opposite Day – A brave company could post the opposite of their company policies all day (we’d tag it with #oppositesday just to be clear though)! #oppositeday

Jan 26 – Australia Day – (˙˙˙ʎllᴉs ǝq ʇsnɾ plnoʍ ʇɐɥʇ uǝɥʍ ‘ɐᴉlɐɹʇsn∀ uᴉ ʎpɐǝɹlɐ ǝɹ,noʎ ssǝlun) uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ʎɐpoʇ sʇsod ɐᴉpǝɯ lɐᴉɔos ɹnoʎ ɟo llɐ ǝʇᴉɹM #australiaday

Jan 27th – National Geographic Day – A great day for nature or outdoors pictures – do you work in a lovely area, or see some fabulous wildlife on your way to work? Maybe you have an office pet or some great trees in your grounds? Share them with your followers for National geographic day. #NGDay

Jan 27 – Chocolate Cake Day – Nothing ‘wow’ needed for today – it’s chocolate cake – buy some, eat some, post it on your socials! #chocolatecakeday

Jan 28th – LEGO Day – Build your company lego out of LEGO. Or a model of your office. Or hold a competition to see if your fans can do this. Great for interaction! #LEGOday

Jan 28 – Data Privacy Day – Not the most exciting of subjects, but a good time to remind people of your data privacy policies and how you keep their data safe. #dataprivacyday

Jan 29 – Fun at Work Day – It’s nearly the end of January and your staff and followers deserve this! Encourage everyone to have fun at work and post a montage or collage of images at the end of the day. #funatworkday

Jan 29 – Puzzle Day –  Why not devise or commission a puzzle around your company or industry? It could be a crossword puzzle, a wordsearch, a riddle or an anagram quiz – post it as a blog and share it on your social media to give your followers a bit of a brain workout at lunchtime. #puzzleday

Jan 30 – Inane Answer Machine Message Day – Another one only for the brave – change your company answer machine messages to the most inane and silly you can bear, then encourage your customers to call and share. We’d probably set up a free number for this one, and be sure to mention your website address at the end of the message! #answermachineday

Jan 31 – Backwards Day – !tuo ti krow srewollof ruoy litnu si ti gnol woh ees dna sdrawkcab stsop aidem laicos ruoy fo lla etirW #yadsdrawkcab

So there we are – 40 social media and blogging ideas for January to give you ideas.

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