How To Start A Blog

Matthew 10th August 2020 0 Comments
By now, you probably understand how important blogging is in any marketing strategy. Therefore, understanding the fundamentals of writing a blog is critical. Without a blog on your website, you can expect to find yourself facing issues such as poor search rankings, lack of promotional content for social media, and fewer opportunities for engagement.

Understand your audience

Before you start writing your first blog post, you must have a clear understanding of your target audience.

Ask yourself some questions, such as:

  • What does my audience want to know?
  • What will resonate with them my audience?
  • What content will help my audience?

Writing your blog post

Write an outline!

Great blog posts don’t just happen. Start your blog by writing an outline. An outline doesn’t need to be lengthy or even detailed- its merely a rough guide which includes the points you will be covering in more detail.

Remember to do your research!

You are never going to know everything. That’s why research is so essential! However, relying solely on Wikipedia as a primary source is always a bad idea.

Write a great header!

Everyone has an opinion on headlines. Some say you must be specific to avoid misleading your reader, while others recommend you take a more abstract approach.

There are two ways to approach headers. You can either choose the headline before you write the blog or write the blog and then decide on the headline.

Put yourself in the readers shoes…

We find that the best way to write is to put yourself in the position of the reader. What does your subscriber want to find out? Often, the best way to do this is to answer the questions that you get asked a lot, almost like a FAQ…

Is there one question you always get asked? Or is there one topic that your customers are often confused about? Answer their questions and solve this issue!

The writing part…

So, you’ve done your research, settled on a headline (or at least started to think about it), and now you’re ready to write a blog post. So get to it.

Much like headlines, there are two main approaches to writing a blog post. You can either sit down and write it in a single sitting, or you can chip away at it gradually over time. There is there no right way; it is what works for you!

Like most skills, writing does become easier over time. Initially, you may find it takes you a week to write a brilliant blog, but after time it will only take you a few hours to write a smashing blog!

There’s no such thing as a perfect blog post, and the sooner you come to terms with this, the better. Make every blog post as good as it can be, learn from the experience, then move on.

If you need help with writing blog content for your business, then get in touch with one of the team here at Square Media today!