Meet Our Graphic Designer Callum

Matthew 27th August 2020 0 Comments

Let us introduce our new graphic designer Callum! Callum joined the Square Media team during lockdown & has been an invaluable asset ever since. Callum brings over 10 years of agency experience with him & we can’t wait for him to grow with us!

Favourite sport?

A: Football or F1 it’s an equal split


A: Gaming, Web design, Cars and all that geeky stuff

Tea or Coffee?

A: Coffee

You can choose any biscuit from a tin to have with your tea/coffee, what do you pick?

A: Always have time for a fruit shortcake

Favourite musician/band?

A: Too many to list

What one item couldn’t you live without?

A: My playstation

What is your top holiday destination?

A: Mallorca or Greece

Favourite brand?

A: Jack Wills