Meet Our SEO & PPC Manager Nikki

Matthew 18th December 2020 0 Comments

We’re thrilled to be adding to our SEO and PPC team, with Nikki joining the ranks in the last week or so.

Nikki has over 25 years’ experience of SEO, PPC, Blogging and Outreach, working with clients both large and small, and will be a valuable addition to the strategic and forward planning arm of our SEO department.

Let’s find out more about Nikki!

Favourite sport?

A: The only sport I watch is MotoGP


A: Cooking, camping and celebrity gossip

Tea or Coffee?

A: Coffee every time!

You can choose any biscuit from a tin to have with your tea/coffee, what do you pick?

A: Controversially, a Jaffa Cake

Favourite musician/band?

A: Probably either cheesy hair rock or cheesy 80’s pop

What one item couldn’t you live without?

A: My handbag – Mary Poppins has nothing on me!

What is your top holiday destination?

A: Egypt or Japan

Favourite brand?

A: Coca-Cola – they’ve managed to position themselves in so many ways that are nothing to do with how they started.

What do you think you can bring to Square Media?

I have many years of agency experience, with companies in a variety of industries. My background is in digital marketing strategy and I see myself working alongside clients to plan their next moves and drive their online business forwards. I’m looking forward to being a part of the Square Media team.

Why not drop Nikki a line to say Hi, and find out how she can help with your SEO & PPC efforts?