Reflecting on 2021

Matthew 5th January 2022 0 Comments

As we begin the new year, we thought we would reflect on everything we got up to in 2021, because we are proud of ourselves. 

Here are some of our highlights from last year. 


We got new offices 

We expanded our office space – meaning we now have extra space for creativity within the workforce, enabling us to develop as individuals from learning and working together and as a company. 


We welcomed new team members 

We expanded the team and acquired a lovely bunch of team members from diverse backgrounds with various experiences. Two of our staff are on the Kickstarter programme, designed by the government to support young people in providing work experience opportunities and improving employability rates. 


We made new partnerships 

We acquired a new partnership with Business Times which has opened opportunities. 


We became awards finalists 

We were nominated for High Growth Business of the year at this year’s Northamptonshire Business Awards and attended the event as a team. 

 Although we did not win the award, it was wholesome fun and a great chance to be amongst other talented individuals and businesses within the area. In addition to this, we were also sponsors of the awards. 


Join us for our webinar next week 

To celebrate a fantastic year, we have an exclusive deal to help you improve your marketing in the new year; we will be hosting our own webinar on the 11th of January to share with you all the must-have marketing tricks, click here to register, and find out more.