Square Media and Kanda Print – a Strategic Partnership for Multi-Channel Marketing

Matthew 12th February 2021 0 Comments

As a multi-channel marketing company, offering services from web design to PR, software solutions to search engine marketing and everything in between, Square Media are delighted to announce our latest strategic partnership with well-known local print & signage company; Kanda Print

We caught up with Square Media’s Managing Director, Matthew Rigby-White, and Managing Director of Kanda Print, Lee Rockingham to find out more.

So, Matthew, what made you look for a partnership with a print and merchandise company

MRW:-  “ We take pride in offering our clients a full service marketing solution and often part of that is print or promotional merchandise. Before partnering with Kanda Print, we would find ourselves spending time getting competing quotes, juggling contacts, and trying to work out which supplier was the best for our clients. With Kanda Print we know that they will treat our clients like their own and offer the best service for the job, at the best price.”

Was it the same for you Lee?

LR:- “Pretty much – we have hundreds of print clients that obviously use print and promotional items to market their company and we are often asked for help with other areas of marketing, both traditional and digital. Partnering with Square Media means that we now have the expertise to help in those areas.”

Why Kanda Print Matthew?

MRW:- “We’ve used Kanda Print a number of years and we felt that they understood our needs from a print and a marketing perspective. We would often recommend them to clients for that reason, and because we knew that they had a good pricing structure too, it made sense to form a partnership with them. We believe this partnership ensures that our clients get the same amazing service and quality we have been receiving.

Why Square Media, Lee?

LR:- “Whenever we were asked to recommend a marketing agency, we always referred our clients to Square Media. In fact they’ve designed and will be promoting our new website www.kandaprint.co.uk –  it makes sense to us that if we’re happy to work with Square Media for ourselves, then our clients know that our recommendation is based on experience and satisfaction with the service provided.”

With the new partnership what can clients expect to see?

MRW:- “At Square Media we think that when the client comes to us they want us to offer exactly what we say we will – an entire marketing department, and that includes print too. With this partnership we can provide a single point of contact and a truly multi-channel service. We offer the co-ordination, planning and fulfilment of marketing campaigns making the whole process smoother and more efficient for our clients.”

TR:- “Exactly! With our companies working side by side our customers can be sure that we will work together, as a partnership to deliver successful marketing campaigns.”

Will either of you be looking at more strategic partnerships in the future?

MRW:- “Definitely. In fact, we are already in talks with other companies that enhance and complement our current offerings. And of course, if we think a new partnership will be an added bonus for our clients, then we’re happy to talk to other companies looking to form new relationships. I firmly believe that local businesses are stronger when we work together, and that vision is shared by all of our partners.”

LR:- “Now that we’ve seen how much strategic partnerships can add to the service we can offer our clients, we’ll definitely be looking for other partnerships in the future.”

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