, Digital Marketing Consultancy

Digital Marketing Consultancy

The approach we take in devising digital marketing strategies is results driven, which means we focus on formulating cost-effective prioritised solutions that can deliver a quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients.

Digital Marketing Consultancy is a service which strives to delineate a concise digital strategy focused on driving your main commercial objectives.


Increasing revenue and efficiency whilst reducing costs, raising your profile, training your employees and improving customer communication and relations are just some of the priorities that contribute to the success of any business. To avoid spending money unnecessarily with little return, you need a comprehensive and effective Digital Marketing Strategy for your business, and you also need to work with a partner that can deliver and measure against that strategy - This is where we come in. 

Working with a Digital Marketing Consultant is the ideal option for companies not interested in outsourcing every single solution to grow their business, or whom would like to work with experts rather than increase overheads with additional Marketing staff. Our Marketing Consultancy services are completely flexible around your existing in-house strengths, and we can help train and develop in-house teams to handle more and to remove redundant and duplicative duties.

Over the years we’ve acquired deep industry experience and knowledge while keeping up with today’s leading creative and digital solutions. We offer clients technical, industrial, and creative know-how that continually provides the kind of substantial results they need in order to continue growing their business. 

, Digital Marketing Consultancy


To gain an in-depth understanding of your company, product(s), service(s), target audience, customers, business needs and goals, our digital consultants can meet with you individually or in groups. Our goal is to assess how effective and impactful your existing digital marketing techniques are and to look into what your competition is excelling at. We can then pinpoint KPIs for additional measurement, evaluate your online strategy and if necessary provide you with the skills you might be lacking in-house. Our team will also participate in devising and prioritising Digita Marketing solutions for maximum impact and effectiveness within your budget, internal resources and time constraints.

Additionally, our digital marketing consultancy team can develop a deeper insight into your brand and company by tracking customer behaviours, profiling their personas and watching how consumers actually interact with and relate to your brand. By conducting in-depth consumer / brand research we can gain a better understanding of which touch-points impact your customers, influence their purchasing decisions and determine what approach will provide you with maximum ROI.


All Square Media's services can be employed individually or in combination with the other services we provide within our Digital Consultancy - Giving your business a completely flexible, external marketing resource able to adapt to ever changing business needs. 

, Digital Marketing Consultancy

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Square Media are a Northamptonshire based Digital Marketing and Consultancy Specialist, providing expert Digital Marketing Consultancy services to our clients across Kettering, Corby, Wellingborough and surrounding towns. Work with a Local Digital Consultancy Specialist that can deliver tangible results for your brand. Whether you are looking for a local Digital Consultant, based in Northampton, or some free advice to support with your existing Digital Marketing Campaigns, please feel free to contact one of our Online Marketing Consultants on 01933 712 870 or by email: hello@squaremedia.solutions