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Attract Your Audience

Embrace the power of the written word, and enjoy a range of excellent benefits for your business and your customers. We’ve all heard the saying “content is king”, well that sentiment is now truer than ever. Both online and off, the content companies produce and publish is becoming a defining factor.


As with any service we offer at Square Media, all of our copy-writing projects begin with a carefully devised strategy. Using the latest tools, techniques and of course a focused consultation with yourself, our copywriters can deliver the right message to the right people in the right places.


Our copywriters have been specially selected for their expertise, experience, talent and meticulous attention to detail. Supplying a word choice that persuades, informs, surprises and even inspires, our great content has been known to turn complete strangers into loyal customers.


You can’t rely on words alone, and even the most accurate, informative and exciting content is useless without the right placement. We successfully promote and publish copy both on and off site to ensure your content garners rapid and reliable results to increase engagement.

Content Marketing Rules

In addition to building trust and credibility with consumers (many of which go on to become loyal customers), content is an important ranking factor, meaning what you write could just define your page position with those all-powerful search engines.

Today, consumers are pretty much bombarded with adverts and promotional messages, a move that has diluted the impact of more traditional channels. With content marketing however, online and offline marketing tactics are being rejuvenated, providing brands like you with a more powerful way to connect with new and existing customers alike. Creating copy that resonates with your audience is the perfect way to craft a message that is tailored to your needs and theirs, whilst conveying your distinct personality and unique brand offering without being overly promotional.

Better Writing = Better Business

We have helped countless businesses find the words that tell the story behind their brands. The high quality content we’ve produced as a result has helped our clients realise better search ranking, better traffic, better conversions and even better business.

Our copywriters have the knowledge and talent you need to deliver solid and sustainable results in the content marketing department. We have experience writing SEO friendly, customer centric copy for use on websites as well as creative content for use in email, marketing, advertising, outreach, press, social media and direct mail campaigns. We also specialise in blog management, producing and publishing the content your company needs to speak directly to your target market.

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