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Direct mail marketing campaigns that deliver, from design and procurement to management and fulfilment.

A traditional tactic in many respects, direct mail is often dismissed as the Grandfather of the marketing world. But despite its longevity, direct mail marketing still packs an enviable punch promotionally.


The power of print

Even in our technologically driven world, some 57% of mail volume is attributed to direct mail marketing materials, and for good reason. Just under one quarter of all millennials brought or ordered something online as a result of receiving direct mail. An astonishing 92% of consumers also said direct mail influenced their buying habits, in fact it is their preferred source of information when making purchasing decisions.


Direct mail marketing garners 37 times more responses than email marketing, and 56% of consumers believe it is the most trustworthy method of brand communication when compared with other tactics used both online and off.

From design to door

Direct mail is certainly not dead – which is great for you, and of course great for us as a direct mail marketing specialist. Our dedicated team has years of experience crafting impressive campaigns that have the power to grab attention right on people’s doorsteps. We have the skills you need to produce a successful direct mail marketing campaign that really sells your company, and tells new and existing customers what your brand is all about.


Whether you are new to direct mail marketing or an old hand looking to upgrade their existing offering, our beautifully designed, high quality and carefully delivered materials get your brand into the hands of the right people.


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Precise targeting

We devise and deliver every direct mail campaign with the precision it deserves. Research is a vital part of our formula for success here at Square Media. We use the latest audience insights and data to generate bespoke prospects based on your current customer profiles.


Design & printing

We design, procure and manage direct mail campaigns to maximise your investment and extend your brand reach, two factors that are sure to boost your business’ bottom line. We specialise in supplying letter drops, brochures and business cards, to name but a few of our direct mail services.

Fulfilment & posting

Our end-to-end service ensures full management of your direct mail marketing campaigns. In addition to targeting, designing and printing all materials, we work with you to take advantage of the most cost effective and efficient distribution options.

Let’s work together

Our personalised direct mail campaigns have the power to connect with consumers, after all whatever new social media channel pops up, nothing quite compares to something you’re able to hold, retain and truly absorb.

Direct mail is certainly not a walk in the park, but our experts are here to help you get it right every time.

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