Out Of Home Advertising

Outdoor Advertising in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes

Out of Home / Outdoor Advertising in Northampton, Bedford and Milton Keynes

Imagine being able to reach 100,000's of people with your adverts every single day on their morning commute! Imagine being able to have a 24/7 marketing presence to support your Digital Marketing! Imagine having an opportunity for your brand to exist on the high-street, right in front of your target audience! 

Out of Home and Outdoor advertising offers the largest presence of any offline marketing technique - Achieving similar exposures on the Radio or in the local Newspaper is increasingly difficult!


Having a 24/7 Bill Board or Digital Screen is not only vastly more cost effective, but research has shown that (if managed and planned correctly) Out Of Home Advertising often results in more of your audience converting into customers! 


Square Media work alongside some of the UK's largest providers, putting together fully managed Out of Home marketing and advertising campaigns across Northampton, Bedford, Milton Keynes and surrounding counties. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, whether it be sports clubs, schools, councils, local or national businesses, and universities. We have a wide variety of different billboards, whether you prefer a bus shelter poster or digital screens in your local pub and bars. All Screens and Posters are placed in strategic locations throughout Northampton, Bedford and Milton Keynes. 

Where can I advertise near me?

We have secured advertising locations for your business throughout Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Milton Keynes! Get in touch with us for a full list of Advertising Locations. 


Main Commuter Routes

Reach commuters as they travel! 100,000's of people move through busy roads during commuter periods - Get seen on the morning commute!

Pubs and Restaurants

Reach your customers during 'down time' when they are more susceptible to your advertising. We work with a Network of Restaurants and Pub chains! 

Train Stations

Reach your audience whilst they are waiting for the next train to arrive during their daily commute! We have a presence in or near almost all Train Stations in the local area!

Road/Pedestrian Signs

Hours of time are spent by many of your customers driving on the UK's road networks and walking through busy streets. Stand out with our Road Side and Pavement Advertising Opportunities. 

Bus Stops / Transport

Remember the last time you waited for the bus? 1,000's of your customers are waiting for the bus right now - Reach them with your advertising! 

Shopping Centres

Retail businesses need to be seen on the high-street. With footfalls ranging in 10,000's to 100,000's every single day, advertising in a Shopping Center is a firm choice for your business!

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Out Of Home Advertising in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes


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