10 SEO Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making In 2021

Matthew 8th April 2021 0 Comments

Feeling like no matter how hard you try to stay ahead of the curve, you’re still struggling to keep up the ever-changing world of SEO? Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Adapting to new age tactics can be challenging, but you’ll be in safe hands as long as you follow these guidelines.

Ignoring Your ‘Google My Business’ Listing

Where all of these tips are important to take on board – this is a true essential for any business. Thanks to Google’s display of companies, customers now can look at who you are and what you sell before even clicking on your page. So get thinking –  what do you want possible future clients of your commerce to see the moment they reach out for your services online? You will need all of your contact details, your whereabouts, your reviews and responses to see how reliable and responsible you are as a company. Even visual aids of your logo, or a preview of your range of products. All of this could weigh heavily in your favour over businesses that throw a blind eye to this simple yet critical oversight.

Only Focusing on On-Site SEO

So now that your website is full of keywords and exciting articles that will keep your business growing, you might be thinking to yourself, “my website is full of quality content; why should I put my focus elsewhere”? You’d be surprised. By adding backlinks, forums and expanding your reach on social media, you can be building your company socially whilst actively proving to algorithms that your website is vital to others/other businesses, therefore outranking other sites with lower authority.

Overlooking Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

Page titles are one of your best on-site ranking factors in SEO today, making them essential to grab your audience’s attention from the get-go. If you don’t make your articles stand out from the moment you see them – do you think anybody will click on your article over somebody else’s with a more poignant opener that is somehow more relatable to their situation? Make sure that you include keywords in your page title to ascend above your competitors quickly.

Not Running Regular Website Audits

Make sure your site is running as healthy as possible. Regularly reaffirming that all of your internal links are directed to the correct places. It’s also essential to make sure that the information you’re connected to is still being sent to the relevant URLs, as these could have changed over the course of your site’s history.

Placing Important Text In Images Rather Than On The Page

In the world of SEO, keywords genuinely are the key! And however much graphics can be vital in keeping a reader stimulated and focused on your material; how can you expect to benefit from leaving crucial information in a redundant format? Work on creating or sourcing graphics that are relevant to the text, but salvage the information to use to your business’s advantage.

Not Adding Fresh, High-Quality Content

Want to make sure clients always have a reason to return to your site? Keep it fresh! You also need to give Google a reason to recall your site. By constantly adding to your site, it will give the algorithm more content to process, increasing the rate at which new optimisation techniques are indexed.

Buying Backlinks

Feel like you can cheat your way to the top? Since SEO is a brand new age of digital marketing, there are plenty of ways to play dirty – but the outcomes don’t often fall in your favour. Buying backlinks instead of creating your own is a dangerous and expensive risk to take, so you are much better off putting the time aside to create your own links, which you can do simply by writing original, intuitive content which others will benefit from, and by doing so making more significant connections through public relations—saving you time and legitimacy while you’re at it.

Falling Behind on SEO Trends

If you’re reading this blog then there’s a good chance you already do this, or maybe this is your first dive into updating your ideas on SEO? Either way, there is and always will be new advice given within the SEO world as it is an entirely new format that we’re still learning today. Absorb all new information that you can get your hands on, as I hope you have with our blog today!

Skimping on Your Website

Skimping out on your site is a modern-day alternative to turning up to work with an unironed shirt. Except for your website, this skimped and half-cut effort is shown globally. How much do you value the presentation of your company? Prioritise making your website look professional and running as smoothly as possible.

Not Researching Customer Questions

It’s in our human nature to be curious. And what kind of company would you be without indulging yourself in these queries? After all, you can utilise having good customer feedback by showing it on your initial search of “Google My Business”, proving to a future clientele that your company doesn’t leave any stone unturned.

Thanks for reading! If you feel like you would benefit from any or all of these tips today but don’t quite have the time, or confidence to get started yourself? Perhaps consider investing in our expertise! Relax in the safe hands of our SEO and marketing professionals, to be sure that your website will be fast-tracked to success. If that sounds good to you, then feel free to book a no-obligation consultation with one of our consultants; who can help optimise your business in no time. Contact us today or call on 0330 380 0630.