5 Ways to Market Your Local Business on a Budget

Matthew 3rd August 2017 0 Comments

During our time in the industry we’ve worked with clients from all walks of life, that’s why we understand more than most that no two businesses are the same, especially where that all-important marketing budget is concerned. There are no right or wrong rules when it comes to budgeting for marketing activities, and even if your budget is tight, you can still promote your products or services, and build the business you need to succeed.

There are a number of low cost marketing ideas that you can exercise locally, and here we share just a selection to get you started…

1. Remember great content speaks volumes

Whether it’s the written word you’re looking to exploit to promote your business and build your brand or a bit of time in front of the camera that you fancy, all content is great content when it’s relevant to your audience. Your blog roll and YouTube channel can both be powerful marketing tools if used correctly. Even if writing isn’t your forte or tech isn’t your thing, listicles and guides are easy and affordable ways to win potential customers and some of the best tutorials can be filmed from your old iPhone.

Running webinars and workshops, testing your writing skills with the production of an eBook, and using customer generated data to highlight a topic that is important to your business and its audience are other content marketing tactics that you have to try and that won’t break the bank.

2. Don’t forget to share

Team your content offering with some great promotion across your social channels and word about your brand and its products or services could spread further than you think. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest are all great options for business focused social sharing.

3. Be even savvier with social networking

For many businesses, social media marketing ends at the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but by being even savvier with your social networking, you can save money whilst making your time and reach go even further. For businesses with beautiful imagery to share, Instagram has proved an effective marketing tool of late, whilst joining the Snapchat generation (and entertaining its 300 million, and counting, users) is also working wonders for many in the business world.

Reddit is another interesting platform to get to grips with. Regularly referred to as the ‘front page of the internet’, posting content here in the right subreddit could make you king of your niche and a front runner in your market place.

4. Let people know just how brilliant you are

Whilst many think that ‘blowing your own trumpet’ to gain recognition is a big no-no, it may just work in your favour in some respects. Consumers love to invest their hard earned money in brands that are the best at what they do, so put yourself forward for the accolades that tell them just that. Many business awards are industry specific and free to enter, with winners and even nominees enhancing their reputation with great titles and even better media coverage.

5. Partner up with fellow businesses

Partnering with businesses that complement what you do is a valuable way of reaching customers and gaining referrals, and better yet, it’s free. By sharing the love with other companies, you can support the local business scene and gain custom.

There are many more cost effective marketing strategies that are great for boosting local business, so there’s no excuse not to kick-start your small business marketing plan right now. Need help doing just that? Contact us for assistance, not forgetting to share this post with your nearest and dearest before you go!

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