Are You Ready To Reopen Your Doors?

Avatar for Matthew Matthew 1st July 2020 0 Comments

Thanks to the Government’s latest announcement, shops, hairdressers, restaurants, cafes, and pubs will now reopen from 4th July and Providing they implement the correct safety measures and adhere to Government guidelines cinemas, museums and galleries can, too. 

If you are a business owner preparing to reopen your doors next week, how can you be sure that customers will come to you over your competitors? How can you effectively convey restrictions and guidelines that will be in place, so that customers know what to expect? You can’t just rely on people assuming that you will be open this weekend, and you can’t just expect that they will be aware of the restrictions and guidelines – you need to tell them.

Below are three marketing simple and cost-effective marketing methods that you can use to get the word out there to ensure you have a successful reopening.

Email Marketing

If you already have an established email marketing contact list, and you are paying for an email marketing platform such as MailChimp, then you should certainly make use of it.

It’s hump day today, so people are starting to look forward to their weekend and make plans. Why not send a quick email informing your customers that you will be open this weekend, and then follow up with an additional reminder email this Friday?

Social Media Marketing

Definitely the easiest way to get the message across to your customers that you will be open. 

If you haven’t already, start putting posts out on your social media channels to encourage people visit you and to create a buzz. 

Don’t forget to enable the ‘share’ function.

SMS Marketing

It sounds ancient, but it really isn’t. Those texts you receive when your latest ASOS order is on its way? Or the messages TGI’s send through when they have an offer on? That’s SMS marketing. 

SMS marketing is a really simple way to capture the attention of the people on your contact list that doesn’t live their lives by their emails, or even those that may have seen your marketing emails, and need a little reminder.

All of these marketing methods are easy to implement and won’t cost the earth. Although they can be great as standalone methods, these marketing methods are much more likely to pack a punch if they are used in conjunction with each other. 

There’s still time to work on getting the word out that you will be open on 4th July. However, if you’re up to your eyeballs in all things reopening and don’t have time, then we could help you. 

If you would like to start marketing your business, get in touch with our team today.

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