Get to know Lily

Matthew 5th March 2020 0 Comments

Hey! I am Lily & I am marketing executive here at Square Media; Me and the rest of the team have put together some questions so you can get to know us better! Look out for the rest of the teams in the coming weeks!

What is your role within Square Media?

My job here at Square Media revolves around our internal marketing with an additional focus on project work such as the latest website development projects and producing engaging content and graphics both internally & for our clients.

What is it like working at Square Media?

Even though I have only been here for a few weeks it is clear to see the values that have been instilled here at SM, there is a clear camaraderie within the team. The rest of the team are a joy to work with which my job so much more enjoyable

What is your employment background?

Previously I worked for a recruitment company specialising in the kitchen, bathroom & bedroom sector as a marketing & administration assistant, my role revolved mainly around the internal marketing of the agency however I also assisted with client work & attending client meetings.

What would you have written on your tombstone?

“At least I can say I lived”

Life is for living, there is no point going to your grave thinking “I wonder how my life would’ve been different if I had done this”. Enjoy life & try something different, you never know you might be surprised!

What do you wish you could tell your 13-year-old self?

“Stop living a lie because only you will regret it”

After spending 17 years of my life as a lie what has become apparent is that there is no point in lying to yourself because one day you will not be able to cope, as hard as it may seem you have to be honest with yourself and those around you!