In What Ways Has Marketing Changed In The Last 10 Years?

Matthew 23rd August 2019 0 Comments

Over the last 10 years, marketing has made a huge shift from traditional to digital strategies. During the last decade, static text with no visual content has become more irrelevant than ever before & now individuals have been taking digital advertisement as their sole career. The marketing world is forever changing and here’s what we believe are the biggest differences in the marketing world from 10 years ago!

Seamless Marketing Strategies

In 2019, companies tend to now have a marketing plan as well as a content marketing plan, social media marketing plan & several other documents where their plans and intentions are outlined clearly and simply.

Nowadays it makes more sense to combine these separate plans into a master document, as this enables different departments or employees to see more clearly the benefit of the work others are doing. Making the whole strategy a more seamless process for every employee within the company to understand.

New Social Media Platforms

What we often seem to forget is that many social media platforms were not around 10 years ago, the likes of Snapchat and Instagram have only been around since 2011 and 2010 retrospectively. Today, with channels like Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter, all with billions of users, your company needs to be an open book.

Unlike ten years ago it is now essential that your whole business needs to adapt with the use of Social Media. No longer is there a necessity to send out promotional flyers or letters, when a direct, personalised newsletter is a touch of the button away!

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a less traditional advertising strategy what has been more appealing and also more apparent that it works in 2019; with the statistics showing that ”Visual Content” is more than 4 times more likely to be shared on social media than any other type of content.

The ways in which social media is going means that posts including static text and no visual content is becoming irrelevant and is more likely to lose you followers than to gain them!

Offline to Online marketing

Often seen as he biggest change in the last ten years is the shift in movement from offline to online marketing, this continues with the popularity of “Inbound Marketing”. Ten years ago, many businesses bombarded their potential clients with promotional messages to sell their product or their services. However, this is often ineffective, and a waste of your time and it was very often the case it discredited the company and their brand.

Fundamentally, this has resulted in an influx of B2C & B2B businesses have began to create Blogs, Podcasts, Videos and so on to promote their brand. The reasoning behind this is because it creates direct and engaging content which is easier to analyse and ultimately cheaper and more effective.

The issue that arises with this however is many businesses forget the golden ratio of 80:20 – 80% of social media posts should be indirect and the other 20% should promote and sell your services / products. Constant promotion of products dampens your brand equalling a lower engagement rate with your target clientele.

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