How Often Should I Publish Blog Posts?

Matthew 4th July 2018 0 Comments

Life does indeed get in the way when it comes to doing those little extras to our company websites, and it appears that the humble on-site blog is the first area to suffer. With recent research revealing that businesses who updated their on-site blog on a regular basis received 67% more leads than those that didn’t, it certainly pays to get creative. There are so many reasons to show your blog roll some love. A regularly updated blog has the power to provide invaluable information (particularly when it comes to showcasing your products, services and wider brand story). Blogging has also been proven to drive more traffic, increase customer loyalty, and attract new customers as well as nurture leads with old ones.

Blogging can have a knock on effect with other aspects of your marketing strategy. The blogs you publish not only support activities like email marketing, helping emails standout through links to valuable and original content, what you post can help better optimise your website. In addition to boosting keywords and terms site-wide, updating your blog builds more links to your website – 97% more to be exact! Keeping your blog roll updated however is no easy feat. Blogging for maximum engagement is more than just finding the time to write and pinpointing the perfect topic to share your wisdom on. Repeating this creative process on a regular basis is vital, but how often should you publish blogs to reap the rewards described above?

It may be more than you think

Whilst the one blog per week frequency provides the right balance for the busiest business owners, benchmark data from HubSpot revealed that the magic number is a lot more than the 4 to 5 posts a month generated by most. Their data revealed that companies who post 16 or more blogs per month received 3.5 times more traffic than those publishing between 0 and 4 posts during the same period.

One rule doesn’t fit all

The more you post the bigger the benefits, just ask the biggest blog in the world, Huffington Post, who at last count were publishing a blog every 58 seconds. Whilst the HubSpot findings offer a great benchmark to aim for, we understand that publishing 16 times or more a month may not be in the remit of most companies, particularly those just starting out or looking to keep a handle on marketing budgets.

There are a variety of factors to consider when determining which is the right, most manageable and most effective blogging frequency for you. Considering your business goals for instance is the route to a savvy content strategy. By determining your business objectives and audience needs, you can produce relevant content that interests and converts as well as improves the user experience offered by your company.

It’s not just frequency that matters

The frequency of your blog post publishing is a defining factor but there are other qualities that will make your blog posting efforts as successful as possible. Writing amazing content that is relevant, informative and valuable is vital, whilst blogging off-site via well-respected third party websites is also important. Content can be shared in more ways than you think – just look at some of the tools you can use to distribute your content – so don’t limit your posting.

Got lots of content already published on your blog roll? These days it’s all about content repurposing. Breathe new life into old words by repurposing your old content.

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