7 Ways to Make Your E-shot More Effective

Matthew 14th August 2018 0 Comments

With the new GDPR rules and regulations now sitting comfortably in place, it’s no doubt your database would have suffered a hit in recent weeks or months. It’s paramount that you retain and nurture the loyal client base you have in the best way possible. Here are 7 steps to follow to ensure your readers keep on reading…

Timing is key

You may have never even considered there to be a ‘right’ time to send an e-shot. It will land in the recipient’s inbox and they will eventually read it, right? No, timing really is key here. Knowing your target market is crucial when identifying the optimum time to hit ‘send’. Do your research, know the trends and, most importantly, send test emails to help identify what time of day reaps the best response rate.

Clear call to action

We are positive we are not the only ones reading countless emails feeding us a load of useless information and asking us to do a whole lot of nothing. That’s why it’s important to have a clear call-to-action. You need to ensure you are telling your readers what you want them to do and how they should do it.

Steer clear of spam

Ever wondered why your lovingly constructed e-shots are winning little or no response? This may just be because they aren’t even landing in the recipient’s mailbox!

It’s important to remind recipients how or why you acquired their data in the first place and, provide them with the option to unsubscribe to further emails. This is vital to ensure that you gain the recipient’s trust and aren’t considered a spammer.

Make it personal

The warmer the approach – the better, we say! When possible, always try to incorporate a personalised element into your email. You’re much more likely to attract the reader’s attention by addressing them by their name, rather than the dreaded “Hello Customer”.

Many email marketing platforms allow you to do personalised emails on a mass scale, so shop around and make sure your e-marketing platform is offering the most advantages.

Create a balance

There’s nothing worse than studying paragraphs of mundane copy and finding yourself drifting off into the world of ‘what to have for dinner tonight’. Break up the text by using eye-catching and relevant images to keep your readers engaged. One thing to remember though, don’t overload your e-shot with images as this can distort the look of you e-shot if the recipient doesn’t download them or their mailbox rejects them.

Always send a test

Never send anything without sending a test – and don’t just stop at one! The last thing you want is confused readers giving up halfway through reading because the content makes no sense, or the email doesn’t function properly. Send a test to some colleagues or friends to help recognise any functionality or reading errors so adjustments can be made to ensure easy-reading.

Follow up

There’s no point spending time creating a brilliant e-shot if you follow up poorly, or not at all. Make sure you dedicate time to following up responses to guarantee you capture all possible interested recipients. This also helps to certify that you are at the forefront of the recipient’s mind rather than your competitors.

Need a little help to ensure your email marketing efforts capture the attention of your audience? You’re in the right place, get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements.

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