Is Local SEO Important?

Matthew 21st May 2018 0 Comments

The short answer: It depends.

Most people mistake Local SEO for a marketing technique that should only be used and followed by small businesses that don’t have a big reach and therefore if they want to hit big, they need to market globally / nationally with much bigger strategies. Whilst this is half-right, Local SEO brings a lot to the plate when trying to establish yourself online and helps Google and other search engines recognise you as a reputable business.

Here’s a great guide on Search Engine Land about Local SEO and how to begin ranking yourself locally.

Getting yourself recognised by search engines is extremely important, as it allows the ‘trust’ that SE’s have in you to begin building, and this trust is the very same thing that will assist much bigger marketing techniques.

If you are hitting first or second place for several local results, Google will take a note and measure the quality of the traffic visiting your website. If the users interact with the website and don’t all immediately bounce from the website upon arriving, Google will attribute further value to your website.

Local SEO doesn’t just provide you with a visibility boost on Google but can be the opening of more opportunities in the world of business. You could even potentially be opening your business up to an interested audience that you never even knew existed.

With more broad keywords, the chance that you will rank higher than your competition is now increased due to the fact that you already have a source of high-quality traffic to the website (through local rankings), and they must be visiting and getting the correct information so there’s no harm in allowing some of that visibility to pass over to the bigger, more broad keywords.

SEO Campaigns should always have a local basis, something solid to work up from and be the foundation of your visibility and trust with a Search Engine.

Think you could benefit from Local SEO or a wider SEO strategy? Contact us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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