Just How Important is Visual Marketing in 2017?

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With its busy melting pot of conflict, it’s hardly a surprise that inbound marketers are putting more emphasis into their visual marketing endeavours.

Based on data from the CMO council, 65% of senior marketing executives think that visual assets (infographics, video, pictures, photography, etc.) are important when it comes to conveying their brand on the Internet.

This is (perhaps obviously) because visual content is eye-catching. As people, we are allured to pictures. Studies conducted by Xerox has shown that by adding coloured pictures, people’s desire to read a form of content increases by a surprising 80%.

The problem, however, is that everyone (which includes casual users) are sharing imagery on social networks and this makes it more difficult to stand out. Have a look at your Twitter or Facebook feeds to see an instance of this. You’ll see that text-only posts have turned into a rarity, and worse, such posts lack sufficient engagement.


Using Video to Stand Out

The inbound marketer is faced with a dilemma: with competition so prevalent, what can they do to make their visual content stand out?

Video is the answer. A professionally produced, engaging, and high-quality video.

Similar to all types of visual content, the competition for video views never ends.

Video has turned into the preferred content format for most users online. Studies published by Cisco showed that video traffic will encompass a mesmerising 82% of all traffic on the Internet by 2020, which is up by 70% from 2015. That’s incredible.

Further, based on a report by the Ooyala Global Video Index, video views on mobile devices continue to rise, and now make up for 51% of all video plays (up 204% from 2014)!

This is a key figure to know – as inbound marketers, we must understand to where our content is being seen so we can optimize it as best we can.

Regardless of what device is used, now that videos make up for the amount of traffic that it does, it’s no shock that video content provides inbound marketing results.

Prepared to hear about more figures? Check these ones out:

  • Video on social media produces 1200% more shares than pictures and text combined.
  • Organisations that use videos receive 41% more traffic.
  • Landing pages with video generate 80% more conversions.

With such positive results available to us, if you haven’t started with video marketing, now is the time to begin.


Here’s A Pair of Outstanding Video Marketing Apps to Get You on the Right Foot

As we eluded to earlier, to have your video marketing efforts stand out, you must create engaging, high-quality, and professionally produced content.

With that in mind, you’ll be amongst plenty of other people attempting to achieve the same thing.

However, you’ll be relieved to hear that there are several amazing software tools available that can help you put together video marketing content easily with very high standards. Here’s a little bit about a couple of them:



Focusing more on the creation of video ads, the online video maker named Shakr is a very easy app to use. It involves dragging and dropping things around on your screen to get impressive outcomes.

To produce a video, you merely select a template from more than 500 options, then replace every frame’s component with your own pictures, text, and video clips.

To get an idea of how simple it Shakr is to use, watch this app’s walkthrough video, which isn’t more than 22 seconds long.

The templates differ and each one comes with music. Several of them are completely texted-based, allowing you to add your own inbound marketing messages that Shakr can animate into music. Some templates allow you to add your own video or pictures, while others are hybrids of all these choices.

This app makes editing and assembling video marketing content quick and easy.

You’ll need to sign up with Shakr before you can start producing videos, but know that the free version will contain the app’s branding on it. You’ll need to pay extra to have such watermarks removed. However, the prices are fair (and much cheaper than getting a film company to create videos on your behalf), and you can play around with the platform prior to purchasing anything you make.



Moovly concentrates more on animations, rather than text, raw footage, and pictures.

Moovly is just as easy to use as Shakr. If you are familiar with Piktochart or Canva to produce your infographics, then Moovly will come second-nature to you.

Watch the organization’s explainer vid to learn what this software is capable of, and how easy it is to operate.

In comparison to Shakr, Moovly provides more audio freedom. With Shakr, you’re limited to using the music that comes with the template you use. With Moovly, you’ll have the choice to upload your own voiceover and/or music.

Moovly is free to use, and for more features, a premium version is available at a fair rate.



Can’t Be Bothered? Don’t Worry – There is a solution for that too!

As a marketing agency, we have a video production and content creation team of videographers, designers and creative geniuses. It’s not ludicrously expensive, starting from just £52 per video in fact! Speak to our team and we can discuss your video production requirements and make producing videos for your brand a breeze!


It Has Never Been Easier to Get Started with Video Marketing

Each platform is substantially versatile – use them to produce business overviews, bring your followers behind the scenes, create explainer videos or tutorials, promote more inbound marketing content, produce event ads, develop animated reports, or merely make some old-school product promos.

In an online environment that is always competitive, getting your visual marketing materials to stand out from the rest is a challenge. However, by familiarising yourself with these equalising platforms, you’ll be able to develop a video marketing strategy that everyone will notice.


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