20 killer blog post calls to action

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Blog post writing is no doubt the cornerstone of every marketing campaign. By publishing a few well timed, expertly written, audience-focused blogs every week, you can continue to raise brand awareness and successfully engage with your core demographic. But with blog writing, it’s not just what you write about and when you publish that matters.

Getting the structure of your blog post just right should be a vital consideration every time you pen a post for your blog roll. Along with writing an introduction that draws the reader in and composing body text that expands on your chosen subject matter, you have to finish strong.

Adding a killer call to action to the end of your blog post is the way to do just that. The right call to action (CTA) has the power to inspire the reader to continue their journey with your business, whether you want to prompt them to make a purchase, discover more about a certain service, or simply provide them with more useful information about your brand, its ambitions or your specialist subject.

These CTAs need to create urgency and curiosity, talk directly to the reader and inspire them to take action without being overly promotional. This is often a difficult balance to strike.

Here we take the hard work out of penning the perfect CTA (you can thank us later!) with our top 20 blog post calls to action…

  1. Like what you see? Read more by visiting [our blog roll/blog post]

Getting your reader to read more of your carefully curated content is an aim many businesses have, and for good reason. The mere presence of blog posts on a business website can unlock some fantastic results in terms of audience engagement and lead generation.

This CTA is a powerful statement for all types of readers, including the readers that have stumbled on your blog post and decided they don’t particularly like what they see. With this CTA, you could direct them to a blog post that they do want to read.

  1. Have you [refer to blog subject]? Share your [strategies/views/findings] with us!

Linking your blog roll with your social media profiles is marketing 101. Inspire your audience to follow and interact with your business by starting the conversation in your CTA.

  1. We’d love to hear more about how you [refer to blog subject] – share your thoughts below

Another way to continue the conversation with your audience is by enabling comments on your blog posts. Doing this isn’t for the fainthearted however. To encourage genuine readers to interact with your business, you have to filter the spam that all too often clogs up those comments sections.

  1. Get the latest from [your company name] straight to your inbox by subscribing to our email list

Get more visitors for your entire blog roll by using this call to action to turn readers into subscribers. By encouraging interested parties to subscribe to your business’ email list, you can gain repeat visitors as well as provide your insights conveniently to their email inbox.

  1. You can find further support and advice by contacting us today on [your contact details]

An oldie but goodie, this call to action is seen across countless blog posts, and it works! However you’d like the reader to get in touch – by email, phone, live chat, or messaging app – it’s a simple way to take your audience to the next stage of your sales funnel.

  1. Want more expert insights on [refer to blog subject]? Check their [related blog post on personal website]

Many business owners have personal brands. These are great ways to consolidate your status as an industry leader in your sector as well as gain exposure for your business. Use each brand to your advantage by cross promoting personal and business blog posts.

This CTA is a great option for putting yourself forward as that industry expert and promoting readers to pay your personal website a visit.

  1. [Insert short bio of writer]. Subscribe to their newsletter for more expert insights

Another call to action that takes the reader off-site, this time to subscribe to the email list of your personal website. Don’t forget to keep those CTAs going after the reader has subscribed to your newsletter. A thank you page complete with a call to action to visit your other blog posts or social media profiles works wonders.

  1. [Insert short bio of writer]. Connect with them on [social media profile(s)]

Again this off-site call to action encourages readers to follow you in a personal capacity so you can build that all-important personal brand via your business and vice versa.

  1. Want to enjoy the perks of [product/service name] first hand? Buy [product/service name] now

Whilst we’re all in favour of not being too overly promotional with your blog post subject matter or your CTA, sometimes encouraging the reader to purchase the goods or services that your blog post discreetly promotes is the natural way to end the piece.

This call to action gives a hint of just how beneficial buying the product or service in question is before sending them straight to your checkout or contact page to continue their journey and make that essential purchase.

  1. Show me my [product/service name]

Short, sweet and to the point, this CTA also adds the personal touch giving your audience ownership over your product or service. You can use alternative verbs like ‘see’ and ‘get’ if this complements your tone of voice but ‘show’ is subtler and more persuasive.

  1. [Your company/service name] – Start now/today

Another short and direct CTA, this call to action also indicates just how quick and easy continuing that journey with your company really is. In a time-poor society, this call to action is particularly effective.

  1. Grade my [service name] campaign

This call to action can be adapted easily to your company needs, but the main point of this CTA is the verb ‘grade’. It has scientific connotations that give a nod to your professional status, as well as using that personal ‘my’.

  1. Order/request [product/service name]

Strong, commanding verbs always work well in calls to action. This short and snappy CTA uses them well and is easy to scan.

  1. Discover the latest and greatest [company USP] tips/advice right here

Another commanding verb that inspires action right now is ‘discover’. It’s a better alternative to the more commonly used ‘find out how’ thanks to how quickly it can be read.

  1. Download [eBook title] now!

Commanding verbs are great news, but passive statements should be avoided at all costs. Don’t make your call to action a mundane, informative statement, tell your audience what you want them to do and when!

  1. Join [number of email subscribers/members] of your peers today

Promoting emotional responses from your audience works just as well, and this CTA goes one step further by implying a powerful sense of community.

  1. To enjoy all this and more click here!

Exclamation marks can no doubt be overused but at the end of a call to action they make perfect sense and inspire that all-important urgency.

  1. Don’t miss out on [product/service/blog subject summary or name]

Give your audience a case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with this call to action. Whether you’re selling a product that’s on sale, promoting an offer for a new service, or flogging tickets for your latest event, it encourages your audience to take action sooner rather than later.

  1. Do you have a favourite tip for [problem blog aims to solve]? We’d love to hear what you have to say

Leading with a question or asking for feedback is a great way to inspire your readers to share their thoughts either on social media or in your comments section.

  1. Buy NOW!

Sometimes you just need two words for a sharp and successful CTA. You can also use shop, order, view, try, get started, sign up, join, subscribe… in fact, the possibilities are endless.

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