Looking For A Marketing Planning Guide?

Matthew 29th October 2020 0 Comments

The marketing industry has changed a lot in the last year. The critical question to ask yourself is, have you adapted your plan to align with the changes we have seen in 2020?

Starting a new marketing plan can be tricky and complicated, and that’s why we want to help you.

We have put together a 14-step marketing planning guide to help your business! This plan has been designed by us to help business owners, such as yourself, to review your marketing efforts and implement a new marketing plan!

Before you dive into the guide, we want to give you an overview of what each phase will entail!

Phase 1: In this phase, we take a look at your current situation. What is it that your business does? Why do you offer the services & products you do?

Phase 2: In this phase, we will walk you through three steps and look at your target market, your message and how you’re going to say it!

Phase 3: In this phase, we’re going to walk through lead capture systems, lead nurturing and your sales conversions.

Phase 4: In this phase, we will look at how you can maximise success for your business.

Phase 5: In this final phase, we help you to review the whole plan and how we can help you going forward.

For each of the five phases of our planning guide, you will receive an email straight to your inbox containing a worksheet for you to download & complete. This will enable you to have a better understanding of your marketing plan going forwards.

If you come to the end of the plan and decide you are still unsure about your marketing efforts in the future, then we are only a call or email away!

Head over to our sign up page to start your 14-step journey today!