The Power Of Leverage

Matthew 30th October 2020 0 Comments

Every year, we connect with hundreds, if not thousands of business owners around the UK, all with the same single aim: the desire to grow their business with marketing.


The majority of these business owners have been successful, and they have achieved their aim with ease; however, there are a number of business owners we have come across that have been unsuccessful.


Although every business is different, there are several similarities that we have noticed between the successful business owners, that we do not see in the not-so-successful business owners.  

Successful business owners have the ability to delegate

Successful business owners surround themselves with high-quality, capable staff and have the ability to delegate work throughout their team with ease.

Being able to delegate creates leverage for the simple reason that: Time is finite; one person can only get so much done in a day. When you delegate, you are expanding your resources and spreading the work across the team. 

Unsuccessful Business owners don’t have the ability to delegate

The less successful business owners we have come across seem to struggle to delegate and attempt to take on everything themselves, which usually results in failure.

As stated above, time is finite, and one person can only get so much done in a day.

Without the power of leverage, your rewards are restricted to only the amount of work or energy you put into a task, and you only have so much resource when you are doing everything yourself.

The power of leverage

When you leverage your existing resources, they expand and multiply to produce new resources. In other words, successful people spend money to save time, less successful people spend time to save money!

Money invested in marketing is infinite and can be used to buy time… the more you invest, the more income you should get back!

Delegate your marketing to Square Media

Our clients outsource their marketing to us to save themselves time, and it works well for them! We have a fantastic team of ten professionals working on their marketing for which they pay for less than it would cost to employ an additional member of staff.

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