Meet The Team – Shona

Matthew 10th June 2021 0 Comments

This is Shona. Shona is our account manager, “I am the main point of contact for our customers and I have regular contact with them to give them updates on their accounts, ensure they are happy with the services we provide and answer any questions they may have. I also create proposals for them for any work they are looking for– this could be Adhoc work that they need on their website or changes they would like to make to their retainers. I am also in charge of scheduling the retainers that we have and ensuring that the work is complete on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is an important part of my role as it ensures that all work is done or scheduled to be done and it also keeps me up to date with each of my customers’ accounts.”

We asked Shona what her favourite song is, she said “Ok, my all-time favourite song is probably Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, but my favourite song all depends on how I am feeling and what I am doing… When I’m driving, I love upbeat songs that I can sing along to (well shout to) and if you ever spot me in my car, you can guarantee I will be singing at the top of my lungs!”

We also asked Shona what language she would like to learn? She said “I have been saying for years now that I would love to learn sign language but it’s one of those things that I keep making excuses for why I can’t do it. I mean it is hard to find spare time what with work and looking after my 1-year-old son. Anyone with young kids will know you never have time to yourself!”