How HubSpot Can Turn Your Business into a Marketing Machine

Matthew 4th June 2021 0 Comments

HubSpot is a sales, marketing, content management and service tool that we’re very proud to use here at Square Media. Its capabilities are pretty much unrivalled throughout the digital marketing scene, with the benefits that it unlocks serving businesses of all sizes and niches particularly well for both the long and short term.

From an inbound marketing standpoint in particular, HubSpot delivers some powerful results. Its features help businesses to consolidate valuable experiences that really make a positive impact on both customer and company.

Here we take a closer look at how HubSpot can be used to turn your business into a mean, lean marketing machine.

Attract customers

With so many features to behold, a first-time subscription to HubSpot can be a little daunting without the right support. The widespread use of its features – namely its advertising, video, blogging, social media and content strategy capabilities – mean you have a comprehensive solution to attract customers to your business in just a few clicks.

With inbound marketing, drawing your customers in is half the battle. You can start the ball rolling across several channels with HubSpot.

Keep in touch

Once you’ve attracted your target customers, now you need to keep them. HubSpot features can be used to ensure engagement with your customer base is high.

You can use HubSpot’s lead flows, email marketing and chatbots to nurture leads with all the right content.

Inspire your market

One-time engagement isn’t on any business’ hit list. Once you’ve got their attention, keeping it is no doubt a little harder. But with HubSpot’s smart content, marketing automation and attribution reporting you can turn those passers-by into lifelong customers.

For further support with your inbound marketing campaign or to discover more about how HubSpot can be used in your business, please get in touch with our team.