Myths In Marketing

Matthew 6th May 2020 0 Comments

With marketing constantly changing companies are utilising the latest fads and gimmicks, however it is often hard for companies to cut the fact from the fiction when it comes to marketing in 2020! That is why we are here to help you bust those myths you have heard about online marketing!

1) Marketing and advertising are the same thing.

Although the two are connected, they are in no uncertain terms NOT the same thing, common to people’s confusion.

Marketing is the ongoing process that your companies continues for as long as you provide your services and or products. This is the procedure from the initial design and pricing of the product through to the selling of the product.

However, advertising is purely an individual aspect of your entire marketing plan. Solely focused on the creation and placement of ads to promote the benefits your product, service has to offer; what problems it has the solution to.

2) You do not need a marketing plan.

You may have the solution to everyone’s problems with your product, but it categorically will not just sell itself… You need a structured and solid plan that outlines all the methods you will use to win business, keep the customers, and achieve your targets.

This plan should your budget, a timeline; any other details which you see as relevant to your marketing strategy.

Marketing is often seen as too much of a complex subject however, this is not the case if you keep it structured! Map out your desired journey plan, stay on track and you will achieve success!

3) You are not skilled enough to start marketing your company.

People often believe you must have a degree to market your company; this is not at all the case! Most of the time you are the best person to promote your company because you know it, you know the products & services you offer and ultimately why you offer them.

Simply knowing the steps to take and taking them methodically, one at a time, helps you reach your goals.