Now is the time to get on with projects!

Matthew 16th April 2020 0 Comments

Given the current climate, our Director wanted to share his thoughts on how business owners should be using this time to do all they can to benefit their businesses. Below, our Director has highlighted his thoughts in an open letter to small business owners.

Now is the time to get on with projects!

I am fully aware of the effect Coronavirus might be having on your business. It’s a frightening time for all business owners; never has there been so much uncertainty… but all is not lost.

Whether it be weeks, months or even a year away; markets will bounce back, cash will start flowing and business will pick up. That is the only certainty.

There is a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel and we must, as business owners facing adversity look for the opportunities that do exist and adapt.

I understand there are businesses suffering with cashflow; indeed, for some of the business owners I’ve spoken with, income is not even a trickle – it has stopped, entirely. Those business owners are stuck in limbo, reducing costs and trying to weather the storm as best as they can… for as long as they can.

But savvy business owners will also be thinking “How should I use this time to my advantage?…”

There are benefits to be had – if you look hard enough.

How we live and work is changing, how we consume media is changing and brand messaging is evolving; the whole marketing sector is shifting.

So, what would I recommend you focus on to give yourselves the best chances of weathering the storm, and being prepared for the monumental bounce back that is sure to come? There are several ways.

Start a project

I don’t mean a new business venture entirely, although many are choosing to do just that. I also don’t mean you need to completely change your business to provide new services or manufacture new products; although again, there have been huge success stories here.

What I do mean is that you should take a good hard look at your business; how strong is your brand? Do you really know who your customers are? How strong is your online presence? Do you have an opportunity to diversify into new areas? Would eCommerce be right for you?

The key thing here is not to be complacent. I speak to business owners every single day of my life and I always get told reasons for “holding back”, sticking stuff “on the back burner”, or even “we just don’t have time”…

…Well now those excuses no longer exist. It is the right time to get on with the jobs you’ve avoided. It is the right time to dig through the ‘back burner pile’ and it is the right time to invest time (and if necessary, your cash).

I’ll explain just some of these options in a little bit more detail below…

Do you need a new website?

I know – for some, your website just has not been a priority. Why would it be? Your business may have been trading just fine without a decent website – or even a website at all. But you must realise, consumer and purchasing behaviour IS changing. It has been changing for decades, however, in just a few short weeks and months purchasing behaviour will now shift, permanently, and in a big way.

Businesses are learning to work remotely. People are forced into online shopping, even if they’ve never purchased online before. Subscription and Software As A Service (SASS) providers are seeing exponential growth. All industries are shifting – and none of this is likely to go away once Coronavirus is defeated.

So, if you’re not online – it is time to get online. Right now.

If you’re already online, it is time to refresh, adapt and revamp. You cannot afford to be let down by your online presence anymore.

If you need help, our talented designers and developers have experience creating both bespoke and templated sites. All sites are developed to make a difference for your business and with your audience at the forefront! The role of a website is to both attract and engage the user to communicate with your brand and convert that user into a customer!

Do you want to incorporate e-commerce?

Bricks and mortar stores are closed. Footfall is none-existent. People have stopped spending.

That last one is a lie. A huge lie.

Customers are spending in their droves. They are just spending differently – they are doing it online. Some sectors are reporting phenomenal growth in online revenue.

Some of our clients have always considered their eCommerce to be ‘supplementary’ to their stores. Not anymore – Their eCommerce websites ARE their only stores. If they hadn’t made that investment before Coronavirus, they may well not have survived.

So, I implore you. If your bricks & mortar store is closed. Get online. It doesn’t need to be fancy and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. But invest – This is not going be a short-lived shift to online purchasing; it is going to last well beyond Coronavirus.

Is your shop shut but you still want to sell online? If this period has shown that your shop needs to be online, then we can help you with that! We are here to help with a wide variety of ecommerce solutions… We could have you up and running online within a few days.

Does your business need a total re-brand? Or even just a partial re-brand?

In the spirit of taking a “good hard look at yourself” – You need think about your branding. Is it strong enough? Does it resonate with your audience? Is it ‘professional’? Does it speak for your values and principals? Does it fit in with our modern world?

If you can’t answer all those questions with an honest yes; now is the time to explore the changes you should be making. That doesn’t mean you need to have a total rebrand. It could just mean a tightening up of your logo, introducing a strapline, or developing your brand proposition.

In this incredibly competitive marketing world, it has never been more important that your business stands out from the crowd and communicates in an instant what you are all about.

If you’d like a free, no-obligation appraisal of your brand or marketing strategy, speak to us. We’re operating ‘business as usual’ and we are waiting to take your call – from home, in isolation, of course.

Lastly... Ask the experts.

Of course, I won’t lie there is an element of a ‘sales pitch’ in this article, however, you really should consider asking experts to help you.

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and we are at the forefront. We know what works and we know what doesn’t.

It’s not going to cost you a penny for a chat. I am here, ready to listen and help businesses through this tough time. My mission right now is ensuring our clients weather the storm and come out the other side fighting fit and ready to grow.

So, if this time has given you a chance to reflect and you want to find the opportunities… Myself and the team here at Square Media are here to help you.