Top tools for working from home

Matthew 20th April 2020 0 Comments

The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the lives of millions of people and businesses alike. As countries go into lockdown, markets are now closed, business operations have been halted and normal life seems a million miles away.

Due to restrictions now, companies have implemented remote working strategies. It has led businesses into a puzzle as to how they can manage their work with effectiveness & efficiency.

But no need to worry as Square Media are here to help as we have a list of the top tools to manage your working from home.

Best Remote Working Tools:


Slack makes communicating easy and fun. Online spaces such as slack are a great way for teams who aren’t always in the same space at the same time which in the current climate a solution such as slack is essential. A well-organized, transparent Slack with channels arranged by topic and projects makes it easier to see everyone’s output


Hootsuite makes your social media content scheduling more comfortable and can also make task such as managing your content, finding and filtering social conversation that much easier…

Since people are now working from home, more time than ever before will be spent on social media as a result of this you must have a proper management tool for all your social media platforms.

Tawk.tio is a live messaging and chat support system that aims to execute communications between potential clients and businesses.

The main benefits of is it allows your business to always be ready to interact with clients or potential clients. It also provides an avenue for engaging conversation with customers and it is available in several languages and devices.

Team Viewer

Team viewer is one of the most extensively used screen sharing software’s available globally. It is a perfect tool for many companies that may just prove to be a game-changer in a work from home situation.

With the Team viewer, you can provide remote access to your system to another user. You can also organize, manage, and store your screen sharing sessions in the tool. Alongside this, it also provides online audio & video meeting services.


Dropbox is a cloud-based productivity tool built for both individuals and teams to enable them to save and store documents, files or pictures across the cloud meaning your whole team can access this data at a touch of a button. With the help of the commenting feature, you can add comments to the shared files such as using email or chat to discuss your changes to the file. And this way you can easily keep the conversation about your files in one place.

A dog

No this isn’t a mistake… Whilst we don’t condone you acquire a pet purely for this reason (Pets are for life, not just coronavirus) As we are fully aware here at Square Media it certainly helps to have a buddy by your side… It can get awfully lonely by yourself after all!