Our Favourite Lock Down TV Adverts!

Matthew 30th July 2020 0 Comments

Tuning in to the TV has increased twofold over the last couple of months. With a large percentage of the population stuck at home day in day out, there is no surprise it has increased.

With the needs of the UK audiences changing drastically, brands are have had to come up with new creative and innovative ways to reach them. Below is a round-up of just some of our favourite TV ads that we have seen during lockdown.


Look After My Bills

Everyone has seen the ads that encourage us to compare bills and switch to a new provider to save money. But, when you are juggling full-time employment, everyday existence and a social life, not many people have time to actually do it.

However, look after my bills chose the perfect time to dish out the encouragement during lockdown. They appreciated that a high percentage of the population would be stuck at home, with a reduced income and a lot of extra time on their hands, and realised they would be more receptive to the prospect of signing up to save money.

We thought it this ad was simple, yet effective marketing.

KFC - "We Will Take it from Here"

To mark the reopening of its UK stores following mass closure during lockdown, KFC announced that they would be taking back the reins in a tongue-in-cheek ad.

The ad featured some shocking clips of fans’ homemade attempts of their famous fried chicken dishes. Some even went as far as making their own KFC branded packaging out of cardboard boxes and felt tips.

This ad was undoubtedly amusing, and we thought it was very clever.

It was also a favourite amongst the team as it ended with the best news every – KFC is opening again!

Uber "Thank You for Not Riding"

When lockdown first began, Uber put out an ad urging its customers to “stay home for those who can’t”.

The ad features clips of people in lockdown celebrating birthdays, working from home, entertaining their children, and connecting with others through social media.

It was a simple yet effective message to urge the population to stay at home.

This ad was shortly followed by another from the ride-hailing giant…

Uber – "Thank You to My Uber Driver"

Featuring several NHS workers thanking their drivers by name for getting them to work safely.

They successfully demonstrated the importance of Uber drivers and how they are essential for keeping the NHS – and the UK moving forwards during such an uncertain and worrying time.

Did you enjoy these ads too? Like an ad that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know!