Our Top Website Design Tips

Matthew 10th January 2019 0 Comments

The design of your website can make all the difference, it really can be the deciding factor for a potential customer. No matter what size your business, big or small, it requires a professional looking website. However, we understand that when you’re just starting out the world of web design can be quite intimidating.

Here are our top website design tips to help you produce a website that converts…

Ensure navigation is easy

If you don’t make it easy for your visitors to make their way through your website, they won’t stick around for long. Make sure the navigation on your web pages is clear, direct and simple to use. For maximum ease and user experience, the menu should appear across the top of all pages and any headers with lots of categories should include a simple drop down.

Don’t be afraid of white space

In web design, which space is often referred to as negative space and is an essential design element that helps create a more balanced layout, breaks up the page and increases readability. Too much clutter can distract readers and make a site appear overly complicated. A good practice is to make sure there is enough spacing between words, images, and segments to help guide your users through your site.

Make it mobile-friendly

Don’t forget, it is absolutely essential to make sure that your site performs well when viewed on smartphones and tablets, now that over half of us log only our phones to browse the web.

With responsive web design, users will have a consistent experience with your website regardless of what screen size they are viewing it on.

Ensure your call-to-action clear

A call-to-action is simply an element that tells your customer the step that you want them to take next. Make it clear to your visitors what you want them to do, whether it be for them to sign up to your newsletter or share an offer on social media – make sure they get the message.

Some simple ways to make sure your call to action buttons stand out is to use a bold colour and has ample space around the button, so that their eyes are drawn to it.

Don’t cut corners with imagery

If there’s one thing that can really drag down the quality of your website, it’s low-quality images, so having high-quality, profession looking photos on your website is an absolute must. Any pixilated images may end up making it look like you have cut corners; turning customers away. However, this does not mean you have to allocate a huge chunk of your budget for professional photography.

There is an abundance of free image sites out there for sourcing professional looking photos – read our recent blog post to find out our favourites!

Keep it simple

Don’t overdo it with unnecessary graphics, messy fonts or too many colours; if you over-complicate your pages, visitors will have a hard time looking at, and even more importantly, sticking with it.

Stick with a maximum of three complimentary colours and three font styles to keep your page looking tidy and professional.

Make your contact details shout

Make your contact information as easy to find as possible. You don’t want to lose a customer for something as minute as not including an email address or phone number on your homepage. If a customer has a query or concern while scrolling through your site, they’re likely going to search for a “contact us” section, form or page and if they can’t find this quickly, will more than likely abandon their search.

Make site speed a priority

If your site is slow, your visitors will not stick around, it’s that simple. That’s why site speed should be your absolute priority. You can improve your site speed by optimising images, deleting plugins that you no longer use and sticking to a simple design.

You don’t have to design your web page alone. Let us do the hard work for you, and reap the rewards of a fresh, updated platform that represents your brand and interacts with your audience perfectly. Get in touch today.

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