A Small Business Online Marketing Strategy That Works

Matthew 20th February 2017 0 Comments

The full and entire benefits of online marketing opportunities are taken up by very few businesses. Don’t be part of that group who waste the wonderful opportunities available to them. The availability of a pool of potential buyers online is what makes online marketing great and effective. These days, many people utilise search engines like Google, directory / review websites, social media and apps to decide on the most valuable purchase. Therefore, you need to come up with a strategy that will enhance your visibility on all of those platforms so that customers can be moved to choose your brand.

A lot of marketing strategies and tools are out there, a number of which use the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) methodology; such as Facebook Ads management. You need to have a basic understanding of these marketing techniques in order to make a decision on which of them best suits your business and which one you can perform the best Return On Investment (ROI) with.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC started life as a simple online marketing technique whereby a business pays search engines to show their website link on top or at the right hand side of the search results page. However, you are only required to pay when a user clicks a text ad that drives him/her to your website. This technique has developed over time and is now utilised by a wide range of Digital Marketing platforms including all Search Engines, Directories, and Social Media organisations (E.g. Facebook)

PPC has many options so that a small business can perfect and target the campaign and make it entirely effective for its brand. One customized PPC campaign option for a small business is to aim at a particular geographic location; this techniques works perfectly if a business is located in only one city. If a user from the business’ location searches the internet, the results page appears with targeted ads on it.

Using PPC as a tool for online marketing, you can usually achieve a quicker and stronger Return On Investment (ROI) because you can see precisely the number of users who view your ads and who clicks the ads to your site, making constant adjustments to refine your targeting. You can also see their activities once they are on your site. You can as well easily start and end your ads anytime you want. Businesses have the freedom of experimenting with any number of ads and conducting real time optimisations to improve their campaigns effectiveness.

Facebook Ads Management

One very efficient and effective way of advertising is through Facebook because of the millions of internet users it has. Placing a Facebook ad is a logical component of any Direct Marketing campaign, as it allows precise targeting of your audience.  Facebooks Ads management is a service offered by my business, which forms part of our Social Media Marketing services; working with an expert like ourselves will provide you with the best chances of achieving success and return on investment.

Seen as the perfect model for social networking sites, Facebook lets individuals, businesses, non-profits and even corporate’s create pages to invite reviews, likes and customer engagement. You can create a Facebook page for your small business to communicate with your followers and customers by posting status updates, photos and videos. Reviews and likes can be used to measure ROI and inform changes within your business – Allowing you to react to your audiences changing expectations.

You need to analyze how effective your online marketing efforts are panning out in order to calculate or perform ROI. If the returns on advertising cost are substantial then your small business strategy is effectively working fine. However, if your ROI calculations give bad results then you need to re-strategise  for better results or contact an expert to discuss how they can help.